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Forget the Cowbell More Yogi Berra please

Posted: August 10, 2009 by datechguy in baseball
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Via Baseball musings a collection of questions from fans and Yogi Berra’s answers. The most interesting in my opinion:

Randy asks: How you keep your legs in such good shape after all those years catching?

YB: “Well, I had a knee replacement seven or eight years ago. But I played a lot of soccer when I was a kid, a lot of running. We did anything. Our pitchers back in spring training, they did a lot of running. I talked to Tom Seaver at the Hall of Fame. Legs. Legs mean a lot. You don’t have to lift those weights. Soccer was real good.”

For me that’s the best endorsement of soccer I’ve ever read.

As a Boston person I really shouldn’t but you can’t help but love Yogi who is in my opinion the best catcher there has ever been. If you are building a team you want him on it period!

As we see the media close their eyes to the world outside their templates concerning the tea party protests this little youtube film via LGF is made even funnier:

Since there is about 2 seconds of very brief nudity it will likely be the most popular post I’ve ever put up. If that doesn’t get a rule 5 link nothing will.

Update: If you think this clip is in conflict with my Catholic beliefs remember we know God has a sense of humor because after all, he created man.

Update 2 Welcome RS McCain readers. take a look around and help me get those mythical million hits. See the SEIU help migrant workers with a second language. Marvel at two real miracles, See that even a sock puppet can make sense, learn why some books sell and others don’t. See the Obama/python connection, And check out my amazon reviews of products from novels, cd racks, Michelle Malkin’s latest, and an array of Doctor Who items.

What Miracles? Oh that Miracle

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Via the Curt Jester a great reminder of what is called willing suspension of disbelief:

“All the cloths similar to the Tilma that have been placed in the salty and humid environment around the Basilica have lasted no more than ten years,” he explained. One painting of the miraculous image, created in 1789, was on display in a church near the basilica where the Tilma was placed. “This painting was made with the best techniques of its time, the copy was beautiful and made with a fabric very similar to that of the Tilma. Also, the image was protected with a glass since it was first placed there.”

However, eight years later, the copy of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was thrown away because the colors were fading and threads were breaking. In contrast, Orozco said, “the original Tilma was exposed for approximately 116 years without any kind of protection, receiving all the infrared and ultraviolet radiation from the tens of thousands of candles near it and exposed to the humid and salty air around the temple.”

He also notes one other issue;

The second miracle was the explosion of a bomb near the Tilma in 1921. Dr. Orozco recalled that the explosion broke the marble floor and widows 150 meters from the explosion, but “unexpectedly, neither the Tilma nor the normal glass that protected the Tilma was damaged or broken.” The only damage near it was a brass crucifix that was twisted by the blast.

He continued, “There are no explanations why the shockwave that broke windows 150 meters afar did not destroy the normal glass that protected the image. Some people said that the Son by means of the brass crucifix protected the image of His Mother. The real fact is that we don’t have a natural explanation for this event.”

Of course we all know how well things are preserved in the heat of Mexico for hundreds of years before air conditioning etc.

The denial of this stuff is the real leap of faith.

Well I didn’t expect better when I see Jon Meacham from yesterday and Lawrence O’Donnell that soul of fairness, repeat the canard that Rush started this and take the moment to attack Sarah Palin again.

Still no word on the man who would be Rodney King in the MSM.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t liveblog this show anymore. The Palin stuff was just too much for me.

OMG 1. Al Hunt claims the media is wrong on the opposition being astroturfing the crowds!

OMG 2. Tom Colburn is on next, this should be interesting!

8:25 a.m. Colburn attacks entrenched congress rather than a democratic one as the real reason for spending issues. That is pretty true since both republicans and democrats are willing to spend when given the chance. He must be a calming influence since Lawrence O’Donnell just gave Gingrich credit for spending costs and Colburn corrected him that he only cut for one year.

Colburn seems to think this “healthcare” can be done in a different way than the Obama way. This guy just radiates honesty.

8:26 A really great exchange between an e-mail and Al Hunt. The e-mail states that at least an Insurance company can be fought but the government can’t so easy. Hunt counters that he had all kinds of hell fighting insurance companies with his sick child. That is good point in both directions but Hunt forgets that eventually he found a insurance company that he liked.

8:41 a.m. the “both sides” BS is going on.

8:43 a.m. Great line by Joe to O’Donnell: “You’ve told me for years that these were the tactics of the left and now that conservatives are using them it’s a national disgrace?”

8:44 a.m. They repeat the Nazi symbol canard.

8:46 a.m. They mention Pelosi after Limbaugh again as if he started it.