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17 year old Rifqa Bary ran away from her family in Ohio in fear for her life:

Rifqa Bary pleaded with a DCF case worker to let her stay with Pastor Blake Lorenz from the Global Revolution Church. The 17-year-old girl from Ohio claims her father has threatened to kill her because she has converted to Christianity and rejected her family’s Muslim faith.

“They have to kill me, because I’m a Christian, it’s an honor. If they love me more than God then they have to kill me,” she said.

Her father has gone to Florida to try to get custody back:

Mohamed Bary came to Florida to try and bring his daughter back home and denied the allegations.

“Did you threaten to kill your daughter because she converted to Christianity?” Nguyen asked.

“No, no,” responded Mohamed Bary.

However, Rifqa Bary insists that’s not the case.

“This is not just threats this is reality. This is truth,” she said.

In one year of course this will all be moot when she turns 18. But I can’t see where she would get such a crazy idea about Islam.

The president can’t hit the SEIU hard for this. It just hit me and I’m a fool not to have remember it before.

Think back to the Democratic contest, remember how Senator Obama managed to win caucus while Sen Clinton won early primaries. Then the SEIU Nevada endorsed him. Sen Obama won there and interesting things started to happen.

In Texas things got interesting:

We saw stolen precincts where Obama organizers fabricated counts, made false entries on sign-in sheets, suppressed delegate counts, and suppressed caucus voters. We saw patterns such as missing electronic access code sheets and precinct packets taken before the legal time, like elsewhere in the state. Obama volunteers illegally took convention materials state-wide, with attempts as early as 6:30 am. Some of this was presented in a press release from Clinton Campaign Counsel Lyn Utrecht, but I witnessed worse than what she disclosed.

In one example of fraud that I witnessed, one of my precinct captains, an elderly Hispanic woman, called me to report that BHO supporters had illegally seized control of the convention. During our series of phone calls, Mrs. “A.” reported that the Obama people took the convention materials and did not have a legal election of officers. Like nearly all of El Paso, BHO people would have lost such an election in this majority-Hillary, Hispanic, mostly elderly precinct convention.

As the Reclusive Leftest reported last year this was not atypical:

The pattern is the same, from Washington to Texas, from Iowa to Nevada, from Maine to Minnesota: Obama workers arrive early at each caucus place and take control of the premises and the process. Hillary supporters are intimidated, told their names aren’t registered, even physically barred from the site. Busloads of mysterious strangers arrive and cast votes for Obama. Sign-in sheets disappear; voter tallies are falsified. Over and over and over again, the pattern is the same.

How did this happen? Simple. The Obama campaign spent the entire year prior to the election planning the whole thing out. They saw an opportunity to game the system and they took it. At “Camp Obama” training centers, Obama campaign officials schooled volunteers in the fine art of stealing caucuses. And I have to hand it to them: they did a great job. When Obama points to his campaign as evidence of his executive experience, I’m inclined to agree. He’s definitely proven himself to be an executive-level criminal.

Do I sound angry? I am. There’s something about elderly women being bullied and denied the chance to vote — for a woman for President! — that makes me a little hot under the collar. Whenever somebody talks about Obama as the progressive candidate, the democratic candidate, the agent of hope and change, it’s all I can do anymore to keep from puking.

As Violet actually read the incident reports and I didn’t I don’t know if the SEIU were Senator Obama’s foot soldiers in that campaign, but that would be my bet.

I wonder what would happen if they talked? After all presidents come and go but the Union will still be there.

…today in Portsmouth New Hampshire. It’s only about an hour away and the beach is nearby but I can’t see that there is any point.

This is not going to anything like the Arlen Spector town meeting that is now on TV cable channels. I think the administration will make a big deal of letting one or two guys “go at” the president over his health care plan and let him answer him in a calm and smooth way. I can’t see the permanent campaign taking any risks on message here.

If they had somebody asking him about Kenneth Gladney being beaten and called a nigger by his SEIU thugs then his response would be something of interest.

If the administration is really smart they will do their best to replicate this moment brought to us by Legal Insurrection:

The Bank bailout plan not withstanding; more and more I find myself really missing George W. Bush. He was a real class act and it will be decades before we as a nation appreciate how good a president he was.

Oh and I hate all this “N-word” business. It’s a pet peeve of mine. If you are going to decry the racism decry it don’t run away from it. For example:

The best way to illustrate the ignorance of racism is to make it plain for all to see, and its also a great excuse to plug Mel Brooks; one of the funniest men to ever walk this earth.

Update: Captain Ed agrees about the Obama town hall, no word on what he thinks of Mel Brooks.

Update 2: Yup waste of time.

zagreusMy review of # 50 in the Big Finish Doctor Who series. Zagreus is available at here.

It not only features doctors 5,6,7 and 8 but also has Doctor #3 Jon Pertwee appearing via fan recording that you likely haven’t heard.

It is a very odd story and I’ve written the review in the style of the Zagreus rhymes so you might find it confusing.

You can buy this and all the other Big Finish audios via Mail order from Mike’s comics.