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Ran into a friend of mine who teaches history and current events in a town nearby. We were talking, he is already back to school and the kids come back in a week.

I asked him if he ever heard of Ken Gladeny. He hadn’t.

I told him the story he was shocked.

Update: But they’re still on top of the Mai-Lai Massacre.

If I know him the way I think I know him, (and I’ve known him for 20+ years) he is going to look up the information and verify it. Once he is sure that it is legit I suspect it will show up in a classroom sometime next month.

Slowly and surely the word is going to get out and the reaction against the media for not reporting this is going to dwarf the actual outrage of the act.

Bioethike on the ball…

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…when it comes to the ELCA decision with updates on reactions from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and the ELS. Just keep scrolling.

Plus he posted a nice thank you note for yesterdays link too.

I haven’t been exposed to this much Lutherism since Davey and Goliath when I was a kid.

Oh one thing I’ve noticed looking at all those Lutheran sites yesterday is how well Catholic a lot of them are. Particularly the ones that keep track of the saints, but since Lutherans kept holy communion when they left that isn’t so odd.

cutthroat expansion1My review of the first expansion to the Cutthroat Caverns game. Cutthroat Caverns Deeper and Darker Expansion 1 is available from here.

The base Cuttthroat Caverns game is required to use this expansion, and both are well worth it.