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Posted: June 13, 2010 by datechguy in oddities
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Civil War Monument at Monument Square

When I attended and covered the Twin City Flag day event in Monument Square in Leominster something that I had thought of a few days a go struck me.

If you do any amount of driving in Massachusetts and New Hampshire it is totally impossible to pass through any city or small town without seeing monuments to civil war vets or any others for that matter. In Fitchburg for example we have monuments to Civil War vets, Spanish American War Vets, WW 1 vets, WW 2 vets and Vietnam vets.

WW 2 Monument in Fitchburg

I spent a week in Georgia, I drove through many towns, other than the large Stone Mountain Memorial I didn’t see a single statue in a single square. Not one, zip zero nada. The only marker of any type I saw was a marker for the grave of unknown confederate dead at a cemetery as I passed in Stone Mountain

Unknown confederate dead at Stone Mountain

Now I presume that the people of Georgia once they were done rebuilding from General Sherman’s war, found the funds to put up some kind of monuments in towns etc. Am I wrong about this or were the monuments once there removed for the sake of better relations once the political winds changed? Was a compromise reached where monuments at graveside and significant historical ones such as Stone Mountain would stay and the rest go? I have no idea

I’m sure something like that must be the case, but it just struck me as odd. Does anyone out there know for sure?

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