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Posted: July 26, 2010 by datechguy in media
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…so far not a word concerning journolist, or the daily caller stuff yet. We are at 8:10 and nothing yet.

8:15 Still nothing.

8:20 We’re into commercial, absolutely no mention. Cripes were these guys on vacation with Bob Schieffer?

8:23 Still no Journolist. I’m betting on a single CYA question just before he leaves so he can give an unchallenged response. Will I be wrong?

8:30 He appears to be gone, not even the CYA question. If they’re not ashamed they ought to be. They had better waive the not having 2 Fitchburg guys (Mike Barnicle) working for them and hire me posthaste. That would give them at least one person in favor of the war and one person willing to ask Ezra Klein the journolist question. Hey I’ll can blog for you from home 5 days a week for $20 an hour, it’s a bargain!

Update: How is it possible that people who actually get paid to do journalism could actually do this? How can people who claim to ask the tough question let this go? It’s an offense against their professional honor. This is why I say that the real offense of media bias is the ability to decide what stories are stories. Morning Joe decided that their audience didn’t need to hear about this, so they will not.

Joe, Mika, Barnicle, you guys are better than this.

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  1. michael schrage says:

    Joe, Mika, Barnicle, you guys are better than this.

    umm, apparently not…

  2. Dr. Weevil says:

    Well, we all know the first rule of Cabalist. Apparently the second rule is “Do not talk about JournoList, or Townhouse, either.” Of course, when “journ-a-lists” follow the second rule in interviewing members, it just makes us wonder how many of them, and which ones, were also journ-o-lists, and whether they’re also members of cabalist.

  3. I’ll be doing a http://www.LIVESHOT.cc from my little boat later today.

  4. Great post.

    You are a better journalist than they are. And no, they aren’t better than this. They are too invested in their narratives to give up now. Scary, really.

  5. You would have me believe Andrew Bietbart,Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, and all the other right wing pundits do not talk among themselves. The reason this non story isn’t being picked up by anyone other than the usual suspects is because it ISN’T a story!

  6. Fen says:

    We need a list of JounoList Enablers to go along with our JournoList.

    With their media tags, so people know that Wapo and NYTs sanction this.

    Then RICO the lot of them.

  7. Barnicle, better than that? Heck, he was fired from the Boston Globe for fabrication, which the Globe seldom does. They did sack Patricia Smith, but promoted Jayson Blair to their AAA franchise, the NYT.

    It always amazes me that Barnicle still works in journalism, but then Michael Bellesiles, the academic fraudster, got picked up by another college and another book publisher. I guess with some professions if you have the right politics, ethics don’t count.

    I don’t watch TV but never see a Mike Bullnicle byline without skipping whatever guff he has made up and stuck underneath his name. He’s a phony, failed journalist and as such, perfect for TV.

  8. El Bitcho says:

    Why do you say they are better than this. They are chooches

  9. Scott F. says:

    Maybe there’s a little message coordination going on.

    I wonder why Drudge has pretended that the Journolist scandal never happened? Maybe it’s because some of the “mainstream media” uses Drudge to pump their stories, and he doesn’t want to offend them.

    That’s what happens when you’re co-opted. And that’s precisely the ethical issue that played out on Journolist. A co-opted news source can’t be trusted.

  10. silenceisgolden says:

    “Joe, Mika, Barnicle, you guys are better than this”

    What makes you say that?

  11. Chuck says:

    This one is easy. Mika and Joe will never mention Journolist. Mika has to be a member and Joe, if not a member, is a sympathizer.

    If Mika is not a card carrying member I’ll eat my jock str……er, my hat.

  12. Insufficiently Sensitive says:

    “You would have me believe Andrew Bietbart,Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, and all the other right wing pundits do not talk among themselves.”

    Forget something? Like, those guys aren’t ‘journalists’, they’re opinionaters.

    Whereas Joe, Mika, Barnicle, old Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all, are within the clubby environs of JournoList precisely because they ARE journalists, and are posing to the American public as trustworthy purveyors of news. All of it, not admitting that the bits unwelcome to their politics are carefully left on the cutting room floor.

  13. richard40 says:

    To David W Walters.
    I suspect right wing commentators do also talk to each other, but we have no idea what those conversations are, or how they are done, so they are not news. But in this case, because Journolist leaked, we actually know what they are saying. That makes it news. Just like the Nixon tapes made those White house conversations news. To deny it now is denying plain reality, and amounts to a coverup.

  14. richard40 says:

    Actually, this latest leak is not all bad for the Journolist guys. At least some of them raised objections, and said that journalists should not be acting as a coordinated propoganda arm for the Obama campaign, although even those who objected, still expressed their desire to see obama elected, and their desire to find anit McCain news.

    Of course, several of these “journalists” appeared to be completely in the tank for Obama, and were acting as unpaid Obama staffers.

    Another followup to David W Walters. If a similar leak had occured for right wing journalists, do you seriously beleive that the MSM would ignore the story???

  15. […] }); }Some people make themselves irrelevant. This is one example. Sharereddit_url = […]

  16. richard40 says:

    To Insufficiently Sensitive Says:
    You are correct that the right wing guys that Walters cited are billed as commentators, and thus allowed to be partisan.

    In Journnilists defense, some of the guys making partisan comments there are also billed as Opinion journalists, and thus also allowed to be as partisan as they wish.

    The most disturbing thing about journalist though, are the people billed as pure news reporters, who are also exceptionally partisan. And also, that the partisan commentors are trying to talk the regular journalists into abandoning their objectivity and becomming partisan.

  17. Gettin Fitched says:

    He’s not a Fitchburg person, tech. He’s Lincoln – all Lincoln.

  18. jimbob says:

    Ezra prolly made a stipulation not to talk about it beforehand. He’s already stated that he’s not talking about it anymore (twice). Guess he wants to try to salvage some credibility.

  19. Another followup to David W Walters. If a similar leak had occured for right wing journalists, do you seriously beleive that the MSM would ignore the story???
    -it’s not news, it’s already known. MSM? Corporate media includes Fox News….