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Posted: July 30, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech
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it’s not news that our liberal friends are in an uproar because of Phyllis Schlafly, she has been giving them fits since I was 1 year old. I just want to know if anyone see the irony in this screen short from Memeorandum.

Note that at Memeorandum we can see the president’s actual remarks but we don’t know from the look what Schlafly actually said, so lets go to the tape:

Certainly nothing factually wrong there, Stacy McCain not only put it best:

This is what we in the journalism business call a “fact”

after including the numbers to back her up pointed out this:

Those numbers are from an exit poll conducted by a notorious right-wing extremist group — CNN — and Schlafly’s explanation of why single women vote overwhelmingly for Democrats is neither new nor “extreme” nor uniquely hers

Then again that’s nonsense what makes anyone think people are becoming dependent on the government:

I can’t see where anyone would get that idea

On the president’s remarks, can you imagine the uproar if George W. Bush said that? The coverage would be non stop 24/7 every station. I’m sure it’s unfair to suggest our liberal friends will not complain about the president calling Africian Americans “Mongrel People” on national TV and they will get around to denouncing it as soon as Shirley Sherrod (our national arbiter on racism) does.

As for Mrs. Schlafly; the only time our liberal friends will not be calling on us to denounce her will be on the day she is burred, and I’m not so sure about they will hold back then. Any candidate stupid enough to go along with this deserves to lose.

Anyway the Schlafly memeorandum thread is here.

Update: Bazinga!

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