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I was at Putnam Street lanes performing that New England ritual known as Candlepin Bowling (or as we in New England call it “Bowling”). when I noticed a presser with the president and former president Bill Clinton.

It was such a contrast to see him at the podium rather than Obama; comfortable, ready with answers, unafraid. Fr all of his faults there is no question that he is a master of media and handing the press. If he was president there would have been no sign of revolt from anyone on the hill. It had to be an embarrassment for the president to see Mr. Clinton do what he could not.

What really struck me is this: This is the same Bill Clinton that the Obama team portrayed as a racist under 3 years ago, dragging his bacon out of the fire.

If Clinton was less loyal to the party that stood behind him in the 90’s he would have told President Obama to take a flying leap.

But Clinton loves nothing more than being president and for that brief moment it was like old times for him.

This headline says it all:

Help Me Bubba-Wan, You’re My Only Hope

How empty does that adulation from 2008 sound now? As Mike Barnicle put it this morning:

I mean he was glorified and deified during his campaign, largely by the media. We have to admit that, I mean we have to plead guilty to that.

Barack Obama the ultimate example of the self-esteem generation.

…is written all over this story:

If 2009 was the year of birth of the Tea Party movement, 2010 was the year of ascendancy of constitutional conservatism. In many ways, the movements are the same — except, perhaps, that the Tea Party is a movement of political activism by people who weren’t traditionally activists, and constitutional conservatism represents an awakening about the way back to American exceptionalism.

The more the general public is familiar with the constitution and the documents behind its creation the better it is for the country and the worse for those who want to dodge it.

The fifth of our Advertisers of Christmas Series:

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When Dem reps are opening talking against Pelosi.

As I keep saying

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”