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….currently documented by Stacy McCain et al:

Stacy is the father of two girls, Little Miss Attila is a person whose opinion I trust.

Let’s cut to the chase:

  • Any young woman would be well advised to take Stacy’s advice concerning avoiding hookups. It doesn’t matter how fair or unfair life is the best policy is to avoid trouble rather than try to get out of it. The fact that he was once a player puts him in the same spot as a reformed drug dealer, he knows what he had wrought and understands what it means.
  • Any young man including my two sons would be well advised to take Miss Attila’s advice concerning consent, then again hopefully I’ve brought them up well enough to delay that advice as long as possible.

The right thing is usually the smart thing, since a hookup would in fact be sin (however tempting it might be) once should avoid it, but if one won’t take said advice as part of Catholic/Christian morality once should simply take Dan’s advice:

“Don’t be stupid!”

Works for me.

Apparently there is a hospital in Arizona that is unclear on the concept of what being a “Catholic” hospital means as Fr. Z explains:

St. Joseph’s Hospital, run by the Religious Sisters of Mercy with the administration of Catholic Healthcare West based in San Francisco, at the okay of their ethics panel, did a direct abortion. They have also provided contraceptive services and, apparently, done other abortions

Unless you get your Catholicism from MSNBC you know this is what we in Catholic Circles call Mortal Sin thus the local Bishop has done what a local Bishop is supposed to do in such a case:

By virtue of my Episcopal authority as the Ordinary of the Particular Church of the Diocese of Phoenix, and in accord with Canon 216 of the Code of Canon Law, I hereby revoke my consent for the following organization to utilize in any way the name “Catholic”.
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

As you might guess some of the usual suspects are up in arms:

“Catholic Healthcare West and its system hospitals are valued members of the Catholic Health Association,” said that group’s president, Sister Carol Keehan. Her remarks came less than 24 hours after the Bishop of Phoenix stripped one of those hospitals, St. Joseph’s in Phoenix, of its Catholic affiliation.

You might remember Sr. Keehan as the $800,000 a yr. Nun who helped back Obamacare and its abortion provisions, as I noted before there is considerable inflation since 29 ad and 30 pieces of Silver.

The article goes on to explain who is in charge here:

As for who truly “speaks for the Catholic Church,” the cardinal left no room for doubt: “The bishops in apostolic communion and in union with the successor of Peter, the Bishop of Rome, speak for the Church in matters of faith and in moral issues and the laws surrounding them.”

That means if you want to be Catholic you listen to the Bishop and the church not to an organization contradicting them or a nun who has a flexible definition of the vow of poverty.

Fr Z bottom lines it:

You may be tempted to think, “Is that all the bishop can do? Remove this symbol? Remove the title ‘Catholic’?” But, had this been a Methodist Hospital, would it matter if the hospital lost its “Methodist” title? Would it matter if it kept it? No, because symbols are not important to Methodists in the way they are to Catholics. Catholicism is immersed in a profoundly symbolic world, like no other religion in history.

When a Catholic bishop issues a formal decree to confirm that you have stripped yourself of your Catholic identity, that is monumental. This is what schism smells like, friends.

Be clear: the administration of the hospital stripped itself of its Catholic identity and Bp. Olmsted confirmed their decision.

As for Sr. Keehan et/al they are certainly welcome to do what they want and say what they want and I’m sure the mainstream media and this administration will back and honor them for the rest of their lives…

…after that they’re on their own.

The Lonely Conservative reports that her property taxes are up.

It could be worse for me. The town of VanBuren’s taxes are going up a whopping 63.2% and Clay comes in second at 53.4%! But for some reason, I’m not any happier that Dewitt taxes are jumping 14.5%. We pay quite a bit as it is. How much more can they squeeze out of us?

Well I just got my property taxes for next month and they are up 10% so compared to the Lonely Conservative I guess I’m doing pretty good.

There isn’t much left to squeeze out of people here, I know that extra $50 a quarter is not very welcome to me, I can only imagine what other people with higher property valuations are doing.

For Justice Silence is Golden unless it is not

Posted: December 23, 2010 by datechguy in the courts

American Glob notes that the New York Times has different standards for when Supreme Court Justices should speak aloud.