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No Labels no clue

Posted: December 19, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, media
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I watched with some amusement the “No Labels” republicans on Meet the Press paired with the other side. Joe as usual made some good points, but his assertion that Rush Limbaugh is enraged with the group is nonsense. There is no nice way to say it so I’ll just say it: He’s laughing at you because he correctly thinks this no label thing is a farce.

George Will nails it:

adopting a political label should be an act of civic candor. When people label themselves conservatives or liberals we can reasonably surmise where they stand concerning important matters, such as Hudson’s ruling. The label “conservative” conveys much useful information about people who adopt it. So does the label “liberal,” which is why most liberals have abandoned it, preferring “progressive,” until they discredit it, too.

And Glenn Reynolds (guest Jan 15th btw) dots the I and Crosses the T (in the navel sense):

Why are they against labels? Because if they were labeled accurately, no one would listen to them . . . .

That ones gotta leave a mark, particularly from the blogfather but hey if no labels can prove me wrong more power to them!

Rule 5 Hallie Miller

Posted: December 19, 2010 by datechguy in fun
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This will be my penultimate chance to do a rule 5 favor for Hallie Miller:

Hallie Miller twelve voting days to go

As I wrote here I got involved in this voting because she asked and was even more impressed because of demonstration of class in a tight situation.

And she has been a kind supporter of the show and this blog as is shown by her top ten reasons to vote for her post:

2. YOU ABSOLUTELY love datechguy.wordpress. com and!!!

Let me tell you something about Both people of Sicilian descent and Scots Irish decent we are loyal to our friends. And if you are promoting our blogs we don’t forget it.

So get over to her site and vote for her every day for the rest of the year. Let’s not settle for 10th, lets go for top 5, I know it’s currently 655 votes away but aim small, miss small.

The Advertisers of Christmas continues and outnumbers the days of Christmas.

Considering we will be taping our very Catholic Christmas show tomorrow Mass Citizens for life Fitchburg / Leominster chapter is a perfect fit for this the 4th Sunday of Advent.

Remember when you support life you are re-arming your soul and the souls of others.