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Barbara Espinosa of American Freedom is apparently on a road trip near the Mexican border in the desert and send me a couple of audio messages that you might find interesting:

The first notes a number of homeless people on bikes, this is very odd since she is far away from any urban area

Audio 1 Barbara on the Road!


I thought it was interesting to see homeless on bicycles on the interstate…I’m in the desert and there are not a lot of towns in between.

I wouldn’t have expected that either.

Message two comes from both sides of the border and there seems to be a whole lot of inspecting NOT going on:
Audio 2 Barbara at the Weigh Station

They are not inspecting them in any way nor are they inspecting cars and the corridor I’m driving through is a corridor for illegal immigration

It’s interesting to note that the lack of interest in inspections is on BOTH sides of the border.

She finally found a border patrol station in Texas they were using dogs rather than raw inspections
Audio 3 Barbara and the Border Patrol in Texas

The irony of this is I had my gun out on the seat in plain view and made no comment on it and just waved me on 14 miles from the Mexican border

Barbara was surprised by this but I think that’s not bad. Since she was obviously a citizen her 2nd amendment rights still apply.

More updates as her road trip continues.

Stacy McCain wrote about the Florida killings in the American spectator yesterday, there is a quote at the end that is worth repeating:

Duke’s Facebook page quoted a statement that Tea Party Leader Sarah Palin recently made to Fox News: “There’s political warfare, all right, and it’s the Washington political class, the liberal class, that’s making war, and they’re winning.” On his Facebook page, Duke also described his religion as “traditional Christian” and referred visitors to the Web site, The Tea Party Mind.

It’s a real shock that today on Morning Joe that this person was not mentioned and what had apparently radicalized him not condemned. That’s likely because that is not what the paragraph actually said. Here is the real paragraph with the bold italic words replaced with what was actually written:

Duke’s Facebook page quoted a statement that investor Warren Buffett recently made to Ben Stein: “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” On his Facebook page, Duke also described his religion as “humanist” and referred visitors to the Web site, The Progressive Mind.

I am more than willing to concede that this man is a lone nut and I’m not willing to blame Claire “take up the pitchforks” McCaskill et/al for his actions, but imagine what the media coverage would have been if this guys statement has been the first paragraph rather than the second.

One final note from McCain’s blog:

Checking SiteMeter just now, I’m getting a lot of Google search traffic based on the simplicity of the title, but I’ve also gotten at least one visitor who was searching for “Clay Duke connected to Tea Party.”

Nope nothing to see here. Nothing to see here either.

48 hours ago I commented on a post at the Volokh conspiracy on incest saying this:

The fact that a respected lawyer is actually making the case tells me this is already coming down the pike.

And 48 hours later here comes the news from Europe:

The upper house of the Swiss parliament has drafted a law decriminalising sex between consenting family members which must now be considered by the government.

There have been only three cases of incest since 1984.

Switzerland, which recently held a referendum passing a draconian law that will boot out foreigners convicted of committing the smallest of crimes, insists that children within families will continue to be protected by laws governing abuse and paedophilia.

If you are surprised by this you just haven’t been paying attention.

And the Advertisers of Christmas series continues:

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