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Israeli Ambassador: Israeli intelligence says that East Yemen are going to invade St. George’s Island in the next few days.

PM Jim Hacker: What? So that’s the connection.

Israeli Ambassador: And your foreign office has agreed with East Yemen that they’ll make strong diplomatic representations but do nothing. In return they’ll let you keep your airport contract after they’ve taken over.

Yes Prime Minister: A Victory for Democracy 1986

Yesterday my friend Sissy Willis account was give this same treatment that I’ve been getting since election day.

I’ve emailed Sissy they won’t let her back without a phone number that she refused to supply so she is basically done.

So in solidarity with Sissy I decided to play Benford’s law tag again

and much to my surprise found out that I am now able to tweet out the link without being auto locked.

much to my surprise…

I even tried to tweet out just the link like before and it not only worked but wasn’t hidden from my timeline.

The initial joy at the victory however was dampened when I realized that this was a twitter application of the Prevent defense.

In football the prevent defense is the source of a lot of critique. The basic idea is to prevent a long pass and trade yardage for time under the theory that you have the lead and just need to burn out the clock to secure the win.

That was basically the Twitter plan with the multiple lockouts with Benford’s law. In fact that is why this excellent thread from the 8th was shadowbanned that I only found today:

read this whole thread it shows this stuff has been going on for years

The plan in my opinion was to basically keep this info away from the general public during the time when it was most likely to cause uproar. The longer it was delayed the less likely pols in MI GA WI AZ or PA would be willing to take the steps necessary to stop this fraud and thus the crowing of Biden as Commander in thief becomes a fait acompli because there is no time to stop it.

Twitter must be very happy but there will be a price but that’s tomorrow’s post.

Exit Question: Why can’t they call a special session?