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Here is the state of the 2nd season of my Dynasty Baseball All Futility League (all teams lost 96 + games). Teams available for those interested are listed. If you click on the link for the various teams you get to their home page and can see their stats, leaders, injuries etc.

Teams AL Division AWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1970 Milwaukee Brewers2415.615—–No
1970 Chicago White Sox2019.5134No
2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays1722.4367Yes
2003 Detroit Tigers1424.3679 1/2No
Teams AL Division BWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1970 Kansas City Royals2414.632—–No
2012 Minnesota Twins2118.5383 1/2No
2008 Seattle Mariners1821.4626 1/2Yes
1973 Texas Rangers 1623.4108 1/2No
Teams AL Division C Wins Losses PCT GB Available
2009 Cleveland Indians 22 19 .564 —– No
1957 Washington Senators 20 19 .513 2 No
2019 Baltimore Orioles 20 19 .513 2 No
1967 Kansas City A’s 15 24 .385 7 No
Teams NL Division A Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1998 Montreal Expos 23 15 .605 —– No
2001 Pittsburgh Pirates 22 17 .564 1 1/2 Yes
2009 Washington Nationals 20 19 .513 3 1/2 Yes
 1998 Florida Marlins 19 20 .455 4 1/2 Yes
Teams NL Division B Wins Losses PCT GB Available
2000 Philadelphia Phillies 19 20 .487 —– Yes
2015 Atlanta Braves 18 20 .474 1/2 No
2012 Houston Astros 18 24 .429 2 1/2 Yes
2017 San Francisco Giants 18 24 .429 2 1/2 No
Teams NL Division C Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1993 New York Mets 22 14 .611 —– No
1982 Cincinnati Reds 21 18 .538 2 1/2 No
1993 San Diego Padres 20 19 .513 3 1/2 Yes
1974 Chicago Cubs 15 21 .417 7 No

I am also running an all average team league called the SD Jones memorial .500 teams league. All teams were no better than 2 games over .500 or no worse than 2 games under. Here are the current standings. Teams still available are listed. This is our initial season.

Teams AL East Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1993 Boston 7 5 .583 —– No
1967 Washington 8 7 .533 1/2 Yes
1973 New York (A) 5 7 .417 1 Yes
1957 Baltimore 2 10 .167 4 Yes
Teams AL Central Wins Losses PCT GB Available
2010 Detroit 4 2 .667 —– Yes
1975 Cleveland 4 5 .444 1 1/2 No
1998 Chicago (A) 4 5 .444 1 1/2 No
1973 Minnesota 4 8 .333 3 No
Teams AL West Wins Losses PCT GB Available
2017 Kansas City 9 3 .750 —– Yes
2005 Toronto 6 6 .500 3 Yes
2010 Oakland 7 8 .467 3 1/2 No
2018 Los Angeles (A) 5 7 .417 4 Yes
Teams NL East Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1967 Pittsburgh 12 3 .667 —– No
2018 Washington 8 4 .667 2 1/2 No
1975 New York (N) 6 6 .500 4 1/2 Yes
1957 Philadelphia 5 7 .417 5 1/2 Yes
Teams NL Central Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1975 St. Louis 9 3 .667 —– Yes
 2000 Colorado 7 5 .583 2 Yes
1996 Cincinnati 5 4 .556 2 1/2 Yes
1973 Houston 2 7 .222 4 Yes
Teams NL West Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1975 San Francisco 8 4 .667 —– Yes
2012 Arizona 5 7 .417 3 Yes
2007 Los Angeles (N) 4 8 .333 4 Yes
1982 San Diego 5 10 .333 4 1/2 Yes

The invite for the 3rd season of our great teams league. Last season the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers repeated as world champs defeating the 2010 Texas Rangers 4 games to two. Can they three peat? And what team would YOU like to manage to try and stop them?

All perspective players welcome no matter what side of the political fence your on

Despite the Coronavirus, despite the Hague Rulings, despite the Philippines now cozying back up to the United States, China continues its maritime march to dominate its neighbors and eventually the world.

Sounds crazy? Let’s look at the facts:

In 2012, China and the Phillipines agreed to move away from Scarborough Shoals, a shoaling area frequented by Phillipine fishermen and inside Phillipines EEZ. Phillipine forces left, Chinese ones did not. Now, in 2020, we’re worrying about China reclaiming land around these shoals. Reclamation and militarization of other fake islands continued, with Fiery Cross now able to support H-6K bombers.

In 2014, China deliberately moved an oil drilling platform, the Hai Yang Shi You 981, into Vietnamese waters and drilled for oil, all while protecting the platform with a ring of maritime militia vessels. Was it a one-time incident? Nope. China continues to harass fishermen in the area.

In 2020, a Chinese investor purchased a Keswick Island near Australia and is essentially pushing out the Australian residents. At the same time, the Chinese government is working its economic and social media muscle on Australia.

When people discovered China’s 251 dash line, China was quick to dismiss it as a joke. China would never lay claim to Hawaii, they said. They would never work against the United States to separate Hawaii. In case you thought that was old, try tracking the large Chinese fishing fleet that finds itself off the Galapagos, North Korea, and Chile. It won’t be long till they discover the Atlantic Ocean.

The hard reckoning with China is coming. Just like Nazi Germany, they will continue to do as much grabbing as they can without getting a response from the international community. Just like the invasion of Poland, something is going to trigger a conflict. Maybe it’ll be Taiwan, or the Senkakus, or North Korea, or a remote mountain outpost on the Indian border, or even something in Tajikistan or Kazakhstan. Something is going to push another country to a redline, and kinetic weapons are going to fly. Maybe even nuclear ones too. At that point, we’re going to have to pick a side, because its not something we can sit out.

We can’t sit it out because we’re the last “stop” for China. Nothing else is going to stop them except US resolve. We can’t outspend China like we did Russia. China is smart enough to pay people well to steal US secrets, a mistake the Russians made during the Cold War. Relying on patriotism or social justice to insulate the US from China doesn’t work when even Google, supposidly a hot-bed of social justice warriors, looks the other way on issues like Xinjiang and even actively works on a filtered search engine for the Chinese government. The Chinese movements in the maritime are just the precursor for a bigger movement to usurp the world order.

It’s coming, whether its in 2021, 2025 or 2030, that hard reckoning is coming.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

The heroic press

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Bruce Herschensohn passed away on Monday. He’d been a TV fixture on KABC-TV, the Los Angeles ABC affiliate, from the late ‘70s through the 80s, offering the conservative viewpoint on the topics of the day. Growing up in an Irish Catholic household where a photo of JFK hung on the wall, the conservative viewpoint was not especially welcome at the time – especially from someone who’d worked for Nixon.  But Herschensohn always kept a pleasant demeanor, with a half-smile that contrasted with the hard-headedness of his conservatism.

Nixon of course was brought down by the reporters for the Washington Post, Woodward and Bernstein, and forever after, the crusading journalist taking on the powers-that-be has been a favorite mythological figure of Hollywood studios and ambitious journalists both.  Journalists had played a part in history, instead of merely recording it.  Nixon became the first president to resign in disgrace (back when disgrace was a thing).  Hooray for journalists!

Except… was Nixon the first corrupt president? If not, where were the journalists before?  Why weren’t the journalists investigating the true history of the Vietnam War, instead of waiting until insider Daniel Ellsberg spoon-fed the Pentagon Papers?

Why weren’t journalists investigating JFK’s many mistresses, including the one who was also mistress to a Mafia boss? And why was no one investigating Kennedy’s health, propped up as he was by cornucopia of injections and pills to ease the effects of numerous ailments?

Why weren’t journalists uncovering the Tuskegee Experiment, in which, for 40 years between 1932 and 1972, scientists with the Public Health Services and the Center for Disease Control secretly studied the effects of syphilis on poor black sharecroppers as part of a “study?”

Why weren’t journalists investigating Franklin Roosevelt’s declining health during the 1944 campaign, when the public was kept from knowing the full truth about their President?

Where was Walter Cronkite? Where was Edward R. Murrow? Where were Woodward and Bernstein?

Seems to me journalists have failed the U.S. at least as much as they have edified the nation. The fact is, too often, journalists have covered up stories that might affect their friends or preferred candidates, and so, too often, instead of shedding light on a subject, reporters help to cast subjects in darkness. Just ask Hunter Biden.

So perhaps Woodward and Bernstein can be lionized for finally doing the job of journalists. But their target – Nixon – looks worse because of the failure of reporters to actually cover Nixon’s predecessors.

The heroic press, indeed.