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The steal of this election and the unwillingness of state legislatures to stop it at the state level demonstrates without a doubt that courage is the primary virtue which makes all others which all others.

As C. S. Lewis noted Pontius Pilate was merciful right up until the moment that it became risky for him.

Of course if the state legislators, sitting in safe districts outside of the cities had not tolerated this type of thing in the cities for years we wouldn’t be in this position today.

That same lack of courage is evident in the US Senate concerning the challenging of the electors. While Mitch McConnell is likely right that the president would lose a vote as Murkowski, Romney, Sasse and or Collins would relish the chance to publicly vote to uphold the steal of the Election it’s worth noting that the media is not going to love them any more or treat either them or any GOP voters who votes with them out of fear, any better for helping the steal along. It’s battered wife syndrome squared.

I suspect their real fear is a backlash by the 80% of GOP voters who see this election as stolen during primaries against any senator that votes against the President. It won’t be hard to find a candidate in any state and if the steal is upheld President Trump will have all the time in the world to make appearances for such primary candidates.

Personally I want a chance for the evidence of Fraud to be directly and permanently into the congressional record and I want every single Democrat to go on record supporting a crooked election and I want to see which GOP members do to

If there is one argument that makes me laugh outright concerning letting this steal go on without consequence is the one about a backlash. Personally I’d rather risk Antifa rioting without the backing of the federal government under Trump than seeing them used as muscle by the left under the protection of a Biden Administration.

And anyways, given the willingness of voters on the left to accept insane restrictions in the name of COVID that no sane person would have believed Americans would have tolerated I don’t see why you would think for a minute they would fight against congress exercising a perfectly legal and constitutional right to check election fraud by individual cities.

It’s worth noting that the same media, deep state folks who are relishing the idea that Donald Trump out of office are the same people who thought Sarah Palin became irrelevant the moment she resigned as Alaska’s governor. I think a completely unrestrained Donald Trump who doesn’t have to make nice with congress to make a deal to their votes to get things done will be far more destructive to the Deep State than Sarah Palin ever was.

And Trump is a Jacksonian, he never forgets and is unlikely to forgive. I suspect a Trump out of office will be a particularly large thorn in the side of the lot of them.

Finally I think signing the COVID relief bill was a bad move by the president. Authorizing billions in gimmies for special interests is never a good thing and it would have been instructive, particularly in the Senate to see members of congress to afraid to challenge a stolen election bravely fighting to defend pork giveaways for all. But I suspect the need for even the small amount of comparative aid for people overrode that consideration.

Although in fairness if there has been one consistent fault with Donald Trump it’s that he’s never been shy about increasing government spending even if he has spent wisely.