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Last week due to a bunch of family emergences we had to give the Podcast a miss.

This week I have a few complications in play as well which complicates things as well so here is the plan:

If I do NOT have a mandatory overtime shift Friday the Podcast will be at 10 PM EST, (might start as late a 10:30 depending on a commitment that could run late). Normally I’d do it at 11 AM but I have a commitment at that time.

If I DO have mandatory shift the Podcast will be Saturday at 10:30 AM EST as I have commitments in the early & afternoon and I don’t want to step on my radio show on WQPH 89.3 FM at Noon.

We’ll be talking :

  • Why it’s important not to give an inch on the election
  • The dangers of letting this go
  • What’s in it for some in the GOP who are playing along with the left.

As soon as I have a solid answer on Friday I’ll have a solid date and time but as last week’s podcast was cancelled suddenly without a lot of notice I thought I’d put this out there now.

See you Friday night or Saturday Morning.

Update: Friday is voluntary at work so I’ll see you at 10 PM.

Update 2: 24 hours later we’ve been told the overtime is now mandatory so the podcast will be Saturday at 10:30 AM

By Christopher Harper

Sixty years ago, famed columnist A. J. Liebling wrote: “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”

Liebling was describing the powerful media families: Sulzberger, Graham, Scripps, Chandler, and others.

Twenty years ago, it was hoped that the inexpensive transition to ones and zeroes would break the corporate hold on the press.

Instead, the media magnates of old have been pushed aside by the tech giants: Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others.

As a result, freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own a portal.

In a critical essay in the Wall Street Journal, journalist Alex Berenson writes: “Information has never been more plentiful or easier to distribute. Yet we are sliding into a new age of censorship and suppression.”

Berenson has been writing about the problems with lockdowns, mask-wearing, and other government policies that he argues are not based on science.

He’s not a conspiracy theorist. He’s a well-known writer who worked for The New York Times. But Amazon has suppressed his self-published articles that questioned the measures used to control COVID-19.

“Google-owned YouTube censors even more aggressively,” Berenson notes. “The company disclosed in October that it had pulled more than 200,000 videos about the epidemic—including one from Scott Atlas, a physician who was advising President Trump. Facebook has not only censored videos and attached warning labels or ‘fact checks’ to news articles but removed groups that oppose lockdowns and other restrictions.”

I can attest that one of my columns here ran afoul of the Facebook “fact-checkers,” and there was no way to remove the “fact check” other than by deleting the entire column.

Here is the way to end the censorship and control of the tech companies over content.

You may have heard that President Trump wants to eliminate what’s known as Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. On this subject, Trump and Joe Biden agree.

Originally, Section 230 was designed to help websites moderate online porn. But that’s not what’s happening now.

Section 230 guarantees that websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube cannot be sued in U.S. courts because of what users post. The law states: “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.” Alternatively, the tech giants cannot be sued for moderating the posts, which they do continually. Without the law’s liability protection, all of these U.S.-based platforms could be subject to massive lawsuits.

With the massive interference and editing of materials posted on the websites, however, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have become publishers and should be treated as such. 

But the considerable clout of the tech giants has stalled the elimination of the protection. Liebling should be rolling over in his grave.

This wasn’t Jackie Robinson 2.0. It was Make A Wish.

Fisherville Mike quoting Jason Whitlock at Ain’t That a Kick in the Head

I don’t see what anyone is celebrating proving what we already knew that a woman can’t kick a football anywhere near as good as a man.

This is really great. Multimillionaires who talk a big game but don’t actually do anything, well, other than drive fans away with their politics

William Teach on SI’s choice for Sportsman of the Year Sports Illustrated Names The Activist Athlete Sportsperson Of The Year

I’m old enough to remember when athletes and SI were interested in serving their customer base.

Anyone — even someone as profoundly stupid as Michael Moore — can find these facts with a quick Google search, so if the truth was easily available and yet Michael Moore is not telling the truth, is there a word for that?

Robert Stacy McCain on Michael Moore’s COVID claims Erstwhile #Resistance Spokesman Now Presumes to Lecture Republican Voters

Given the left’s willingness to uncritically accept whatever they are told I don’t think Moore is all that worried about being called out.

 If working people don’t begin to take back the freedom to work and to run businesses that the government has stolen, we will not survive as a country.

Right Wing Granny on California’s rules concerning what is safe to open Looking For The Science In This Decision

America’s willingness to tolerate this kind of tyranny has amazed me to no end.

Have you ever seen an Antifa thug get wrecked by an American pro-Trump flag?

Ninety Miles From Tyranny ‘We’re not gonna take this!’: Antifa goons find out quick they crashed the wrong anti-lockdown protest

If the election fraud stands expect a lot more of this and a lot more guns.