This Week’s Podcast Tentatively Friday at 10 PM EST (Backup time Sat 10:30 AM) Update It’s Friday at 10 PM Update 2: Nope Sat 10:30 AM

Posted: December 8, 2020 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Last week due to a bunch of family emergences we had to give the Podcast a miss.

This week I have a few complications in play as well which complicates things as well so here is the plan:

If I do NOT have a mandatory overtime shift Friday the Podcast will be at 10 PM EST, (might start as late a 10:30 depending on a commitment that could run late). Normally I’d do it at 11 AM but I have a commitment at that time.

If I DO have mandatory shift the Podcast will be Saturday at 10:30 AM EST as I have commitments in the early & afternoon and I don’t want to step on my radio show on WQPH 89.3 FM at Noon.

We’ll be talking :

  • Why it’s important not to give an inch on the election
  • The dangers of letting this go
  • What’s in it for some in the GOP who are playing along with the left.

As soon as I have a solid answer on Friday I’ll have a solid date and time but as last week’s podcast was cancelled suddenly without a lot of notice I thought I’d put this out there now.

See you Friday night or Saturday Morning.

Update: Friday is voluntary at work so I’ll see you at 10 PM.

Update 2: 24 hours later we’ve been told the overtime is now mandatory so the podcast will be Saturday at 10:30 AM

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