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Tom Brady’s Atlanta Comeback vs Joe Biden’s

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As I update this in the 3rd quarter with Atlanta leading by 25 so Roger Goodell is likely dancing in the streets but more importantly Lady Gaga decided her songs were liberal enough so she decided to shut up and sing meaning that the NFL was able to get sanctuary from the left meaning football fans won’t have to take sanctuary from the game.

Frankly if Brady & the pats were not playing I wouldn’t give a damn and if it wasn’t Brady on that field I’d consider this game over.

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A couple of days ago I had a debate on twitter concerning the odds of the Biden late night “comeback” he was rather fixated on the the size of the odds quoted.

So I thought a better way of illsutrating what went on in Atlanta & other places is to compare the impossible Biden comeback to the improbable comeback of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots vs the Atlanta Falcons in Superbowl 51.

With 8:31 to go in the 3rd Quarter the Atlanta Falcons led the Patriots 28-3 leaving the Patriots 23:31 seconds to score 25 points while holding Atlanta scoreless during that same period.

Then this happened:

You can watch the video here

Now in Georgia, along with Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan Joe Biden like Tom Brady was behind on election night to a point where most people would expect him to lose, but unexpectedly there was a sudden surge of votes in state after state that looked something like this:

and this

Now one might ask. Well DaTechguy, if Tom Brady can launch such a comeback why is it implausible or even impossible that Joe Biden did?

That’s a good question and there are three differences between the pair that answer it.

  1. Tom Brady made his comeback on live television with millions of viewers around the world watching it in progress. Joe Biden’s comeback took place outside the view of the public
  2. Tom Brady’s comeback was made in full view of his opponents who were on the field while it happened in front of them. Joe Biden’s comeback took place with republican poll watchers removed from view or prevented from seeing things happen.
  3. Tom Brady’s comeback was made with the referees watching the entire time and with his opponents seeing the referees watching. Joe Biden’s comeback took place without any supervision of the “referees” even to the point where officials have done their best to make sure such supervision and/or audits of said comeback took place.

Imagine for a second if with the score 28-3 Atlanta, the Television cameras were turned off, the fans were escorted out, reporters escorted out and only officials aliened with Bill Belichick allowed on the field.

Then 26 minutes later all were allowed back in, the cameras were turned on you suddenly saw the game in overtime with the pats with the ball 1st and goal on the Atlanta 2 yard line.

Would you believe what you saw, particularly if the Patriots fought tooth and nail to keep any film or evidence of what happened in the play by play hidden from the public?

If you believe in a Biden victory then that’s what you believe.