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For anyone that remembers Google Plus, it was actually a fairly slick setup for social media. You could have different circles of people, which made it easy to segregate the sections of your life. Maybe you have some super liberal friends, so you put them in one circle and don’t share your news feed with them. Or maybe your brother is a complete moron and loves to comment about your parenting. In that case, you cut him out of the family picture sharing but don’t mind letting him see your posts about deer hunting.

When Google Plus shut down, most of the members went to MeWe. MeWe brags of inherent security, not selling your information and not censoring. I signed up, not even needing an email (I just used my phone number), and blam, I was in.

And it was really empty.

Like, I didn’t know what to do next.

On of MeWe’s biggest downsides is that it is so privacy conscious that it forgets that it forget that people were willing to give up some privacy to get easily connected with their friends. Facebook loves suggesting friends, groups and everything else based on location, contacts and browsing history. MeWe doesn’t do that, and that’s not a bad thing, but the Mewe walkthrough (seemingly run by a chatbot) doesn’t tell you what to do next.

After a lot of frustration, I figured out how to search for groups. Soon I was on a sous vide group, a chainsaw group, and some news media groups. Now my news feed was full of something. Then I found a few friends and added them. I also created a church group so people could have discussions without feeling like Facebook was hanging in the shadows, ready to classify them as a hate group.

After about 2 weeks of use, I did find some great meme groups, which to be honest, was a large reason that I scan Facebook. I’m also on a non-conspiracy theorist conservative group, which is decently uplifting and better than Facebook discussions ever were. But there are a lot of gaps. I can’t livestream or even call anyone (like you can with Messenger) unless you pay money.

To be frank, I’m not jazzed about MeWe. I think its most compelling feature is having a private group that is truly private, so you can talk openly and not worry about being thrown to the angry pitchfork mob of social justice warriors. But as a Facebook replacement? Not in its current form. It would need a way better introduction for new users and more features that I used in Facebook like livestreaming. Until then, MeWe might make temporary gains, but its not going to be a full Facebook competitor.

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2021 is going to interesting. And very, very ugly.

Hogewash: Losing Their Grip

I’m wondering what the spark is going to be, a friend think it’s coming but is generations away.

Just imagine how this triumph would be reported if it had been achieved by a Democratic president. But they didn’t achieve it, partly because they didn’t actually want to. 

Glenn Reynolds on the ‘Hanukkah miracle.’ of Arab delegations in Israel for the lighting ceremony.

It would not surprise me if the someone nominates Biden & Harris for the Nobel as a result of Trump’s actions.

Bad cops suck, but not as much as a complete breakdown of civil society. The only people who don’t realize that yet are the ones whose living room windows haven’t been smashed in.

Jim Treacher Seattle Councilwoman Calls Cops She Wants to Defund

If I was the police I’d set up a special group of social workers to answer these calls.

The man lived in Washington for 44 years — including 8 as vice president — and he still hasn’t picked a parish?

Don Surber on Joe Biden now making mass attendence a regular part of his schedule

I’m not surprised, if he had been regularly attending mass for 44 years the thought of stealing an election from 80 million people might have put the fear of God in him.

This is not an accident. Someone knew when they introduced these machines into the voting process what would happen.

Right Wing Granny Computers Do What They Are Programmed To Do

For America’s enemies both foreign and domestic this is a feature not a bug and no amount of knowing this matters unless we are willing to stop it.

Where go the Uighurs

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A newly released research report from the Center for Global Policy indicates that the Chinese are now forcing Uighurs to hand-pick cotton in the western province of Xinjiang, north of Tibet. Xinjiang produces 20% of the world supply of cotton. The report notes that hand-picked cotton is considered to be of higher quality than machine-picked, and that the government had previously used prison labor to pick the cotton, creating a “cotton gulag.” Now, through “poverty alleviation programs,” even more laborers are being forced into the back-breaking work.

But beyond the purported efforts at eliminating poverty (a long-stated goal of Chinese President Xi), the enslavement of the local population is an effort at population control. The report notes, “[W]orkers who work and live on secure compounds… are more easily controlled.” In addition, in some regions, working-age Uighurs are shipped off to state-assigned cotton-picking work assignments” while their children and elderly parents are cared for by the state.”

The report traces the roots of the desire for population control to 2014, after a series of violent attacks the government blamed on Uighur “terrorists.” Xi visited Xinjiang, and documents leaked to the New York Times reveal Xi ordered local officials to “rewire” the minds of the Uighurs. In 2016, Beijing hatchetman Chen Quanguo became Xinjiang’s Communist party secretary. He immediately “set up an unprecedented police state” in the region, followed in 2017 by the policy of mass internment of the local population.

Now, the Uighurs are being enslaved, to pick cotton.

The implications the report will have on world trade could be significant, considering the level of Chinese textile production.

The Trump Administration on December 2 placed a Withhold Release Order on cotton from the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, which accounts for 33% of Xinjiang’s cotton production. It’s a start.

Unfortunately, with an incoming Biden Administration – compromised as it is by the Chinese Communist Party, among others – it will likely be an end, too. After all, this is the Administration reportedly considering Bob Iger for Ambassador to China. The same Bob Iger who until recently ran The Walt Disney Company.

You know, the company that just gave a special shout-out to the “publicity department of the CPC Xinjiang Uighur Autonomy Region Committee” – the local communist hacks currently oppressing the Uighurs – for their assistance in the recent big-budget production of the live-action movie, “Mulan.”

Democrats supporting slave-owners over the oppressed? No wonder they hate Abraham Lincoln. Of course, it’s nothing new.