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Dear AOC: Please Call for a Boycott My Blog and DaTipJar

Posted: December 11, 2020 by datechguy in fun


To: The Honorable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

1973 Westchester Ave

The Bronx NY 10462

From DaTechGuy

Fitchburg MA 01420

Subject Boycott Request:

Good Morning:

I understand that you have in the past called for boycotts of business that have expressed support for President Donald Trump in a public way. I would like to formally request that you call for such a boycott of this blog and particularly my TipJar

While many other blogs have openly supported President Trump over the entire terms of his administration unique reasons why this blog in particular should be the subject for such a call.

  1. On two occasions as credentialed Press I have questioned Donald Trump. On both occasions not only did I not make the premise of my questions: “Why do you suck, Why does the GOP suck? or not even “What are you going to do about you and the GOP sucking so badly?” But on both of these occasions I was complemented directly by Donald Trump for said questions. In fact at the top of my blog AND is a direct quote of Donald Trump saying to me after such a question: “It’s nonsense nobody reports that, but you do that’s why I like you.” The constitutes a betrayal of the press credentials that I held for those events .
  2. I endorsed Donald Trump twice during his 1st campaign, the 1st time before the GOP convention even before my candidate of choice at the time (Ted Cruz) had consented to do so but more importantly the 2nd time the day after the Billy Bush tape dropped. Such an act of picking up the flag and moving forward when everyone else was running scared. An unpardonable sin.
  3. Finally I’ve not only supported all the attempts to reverse fraudulent moves by the Democrats in multiple states to steal this election even to the point of being locked out of my twitter account six times since election day for daring to put out statistical evidence of Joe Biden’s “magic ballots” but I’ve not paid off bets on said election yet holding the money aside until the final decision of the courts and the state legislatures thus not acknowledging the legitimacy of the MSM calls.

For all these reasons it is incumbent on you to call for a boycott of in general and’s Tip Jar in particular for crimes against liberalism much in the same way that you did of GOYA foods, presumably with the same effect.

I will do my best to keep a stiff upper lip as a result of the financial effects of such a boycott and if I suddenly find myself able to purchase a car made in the 21st century to replace my 1999 Buick or am able to pay off my mortgages I’ll do my best to bear that in dignity as well.


Peter DaTechGuy Ingemi Proprietor of

Update: Instalanche thanks Ed If you missed today’s no frills livestream you can watch it here.