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2021 is going to interesting. And very, very ugly.

Hogewash: Losing Their Grip

I’m wondering what the spark is going to be, a friend think it’s coming but is generations away.

Just imagine how this triumph would be reported if it had been achieved by a Democratic president. But they didn’t achieve it, partly because they didn’t actually want to. 

Glenn Reynolds on the ‘Hanukkah miracle.’ of Arab delegations in Israel for the lighting ceremony.

It would not surprise me if the someone nominates Biden & Harris for the Nobel as a result of Trump’s actions.

Bad cops suck, but not as much as a complete breakdown of civil society. The only people who don’t realize that yet are the ones whose living room windows haven’t been smashed in.

Jim Treacher Seattle Councilwoman Calls Cops She Wants to Defund

If I was the police I’d set up a special group of social workers to answer these calls.

The man lived in Washington for 44 years — including 8 as vice president — and he still hasn’t picked a parish?

Don Surber on Joe Biden now making mass attendence a regular part of his schedule

I’m not surprised, if he had been regularly attending mass for 44 years the thought of stealing an election from 80 million people might have put the fear of God in him.

This is not an accident. Someone knew when they introduced these machines into the voting process what would happen.

Right Wing Granny Computers Do What They Are Programmed To Do

For America’s enemies both foreign and domestic this is a feature not a bug and no amount of knowing this matters unless we are willing to stop it.

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