Rubble’s a-bouncing

Posted: December 12, 2020 by datechguy in Uncategorized

2020 made the rubble bounce this week on the ruins of whatever integrity Journalism with a capital “J” still had.

For readers with Dora-level memory banks, a few weeks ago – just before a certain presidential election, in fact — the New York Post broke a story about then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, and how Hunter was up to his eyeballs in Chinese and Russian payoffs, with mysterious messages in secret emails about saving “10%… for the big guy.”  This reporting, the Post explained, was based on “primary-source documents” stored on Hunter’s personal laptop.

You might think such a juicy story would set the wolves howling, with a frenzy of media interest descending on the Bidens. I mean, it had everything — sex, drugs, foreign enemies, even possibly implicating the Democratic presidential candidate on the eve of the election. This thing’s a blockbuster, you might think.

You’d be wrong.

“Journalism” immediately went to work burying the report in a bald effort to help Joe Biden get elected. First, the Democratic party machine went into motion. Over 50 former intelligence officials published a letter claiming the same; among its luminous signatories were former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Directors Leon Panetta and John Brennan, along with acting directors, chiefs of staff, and other officials of the CIA, DIA, NSA, and a range of other alphabet-soup bureaucracies.

CNN pushed the Russian disinformation lie. So did the New York Times. NPR said it would not cover the Hunter Biden story because they didn’t want to “waste our time on stories that aren’t really stories.”

Twitter and Facebook, too, suppressed the story, and Twitter even locked the New York Post out of its Twitter account for posting the story because – try not to laugh – the story was based on “hacked material.” Somehow I suspect Chelsea Manning has never been locked out of his account.

Well, after all that suppressing of information from the American public, turns out, the New York Post had it right all along, and well, with the election safely behind us, the media has decided it’s safe to report on the story.

A more egregious example of journalistic malpractice the reader will be hard-pressed to find.

As for me, I see no reason to believe anything they ever say again.

Well, except for the New York Post.

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