Why Aren’t The Dems, Media & GOP Establishment Delighted at a Chance To Nip “Claims” of Election Fraud in the Bud?

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And this is the verdict, that the light came into the world, but people preferred darkness to light, because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come toward the light, so that his works might not be exposed. But whoever lives the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be clearly seen as done in God.

Jesus Christ John 3:19-21

He sees as well as you do that courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means, at the point of highest reality. A chastity or honesty, or mercy, which yields to danger will be chaste or honest or merciful only on conditions. Pilate was merciful till it became risky.

C. S. Lewis The Screwtape letters #29

As soon as it became apparent that the great steal of 2020 was on and people began objecting to it the left pushed back. This pushback took many forms. The repeated lockouts of my account and false claims about my tweets on Benford’s law followed by repeated false apologies and false claims that they were in error) were one. The repeated line from Twitter when President Trump repeated the various claims was another so many times that’s it’s practically a meme

This Claim about the election is disputed

Twitter, every time President Trump details evidence of Fraud

Another were loud proclamations that all such claims were nonsense so much that media refused to cover hearing and ignored sworn statements that were given, even by the President who presented a summery of the fraud during a speech.

From there we had loud pronouncements that allegations from fraud undermine confidence in American elections and are a dangerous thing in our democracy, in fact it was for this reason that Richard Nixon in 1960 did not contest the stolen election in Illinois that defeated him (and in my opinion led to Watergate 12 years later as a paranoid campaign was taking no chances).

Now that the Senator from Missouri has turned the electoral college challenge by congress is a fact rather than the wet dream that it was for democrats in 2001 2005 & 2017 we are hearing loud cries that this is sedition from the media and left.

This leads to the obvious question:


If this election was on the up and up and if the belief currently held by large chunks of Americans that this election was stolen is false then it’s in the interest of the Media, the Democrat, the left and the Tech folks who insist that this is the case that it is clearly demonstrated to be so.

If there were:

  • no republican observers hustled out of rooms or kept away from the counts.
  • no large amounts of ballots pulled from out of tables once observers left
  • No computer systems were hacked or programed to change counts
  • No large quantities of ballots marked only for Joe Biden suddenly turning up in the middle of the night in Democrat strongholds
  • No widespread use of fraudulent mail ballots in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit and other cities
  • No validity to the claims listed here by state from machines spotting dems 35k votes in Arizona to Xerox copies of military ballots all for Biden in Michigan.

And if those who submitted sworn statements under penalty of perjury were lying in order to change the result of the election then exposing this as a conspiracy theory to the general public is not only in their interest but it would be very easy to prove.

Yet the left and their allies are violently opposed to taking their chance to expose this nonsense for what they claim it is.

I submit and suggest the reason is:

They know it’s not nonsense and also know that if the evidence is showed to the American people it can be easily understood.

“But DaTechGuy”, you ask, “Why then are republicans, particularly those in leadership fight so hard to keep this from happening and objecting to publicly like Senator Pat Toomey foolishly as Dinesh D’Sousa suggests.

Dinesh is wrong here. Senator Toomey and those in the GOP like him are not being foolish, he is being cowardly.

If the objection had not taken place, if evidence is never presented to the congress then members of the GOP establishment can function as normal, raise money as normal and retire as normal to comfortable lives for them and theirs in the sure and comfortable knowledge that nobody will cause them any grief as they cash in on their office.

But once it became clear that the objection would take place everything changed. (There’s a reason why the number of house and senate members objecting skyrocketed once it became plain it was going to happen)

If evidence is presented publicly to the senate and is in fact convincing and they are forced to acknowledge it as such then a choice must be made. Do you risk your their political future by acting on this evidence angering the deep state which might be unforgiving when it comes time to sit on boards, take cushy jobs at universities or even cash in as a public speaker?

Or do they like Pilate decide that it’s too risky, do they reject the evidence and the risk of the wrath of voters while earning the love of the deep state and the preservation of their prerogatives that they were so looking forward to?

One will never grow poor betting on cowardice from public servants but there is a chance but a chance that they will choose to do the right thing.

Cue the 11th Doctor:

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