Fight Using All Methods Short of Sin

Posted: January 7, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Prince John: Have you finished?

Robin Hood: I’m only just beginning! From this night on, I’ll use every means in my power to fight you!

The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938

Let’s be blunt.

Apparently none of the institutions, even those controlled by the GOP will stop the steal. All seem intent on playing procedural games. We’ve seen courts say suits filed before the election were not proper because no harm and been done while other claim that suits filed after the fraud were too late.

Apparently the window for getting relief on a stolen election is shorter than the Barnicle Brothers sixty second sale.

And it’s rather clear that no state legislature is willing to face the wrath of the media to use the power given them by the constitution to stop the steal. With God all things are possible but clearly the fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom nor the realization that the media will treat them no better if they act then if they don’t, is not possessed by enough of them to act.

That I should have seen this done in America on a nation scale in my lifetime and that so many seem willing to accept it is a source of deep disappointment to me, but given human nature and the willingness of people to cave to insane COVID restricts it is not all that surprising.

So what should be done?

  1. We should on every and all occasions continue to state that the 2020 election has been blatantly stolen
  2. We should on every and all occasions from today till January 20th 2024 state for the record that the Biden / Harris administration while legal, is illegitimate.
  3. We should take every action short of Sin to resist any attempt to force us to claim or act as if either of the two above statements are false.
  4. We should continue to take every action short of sin to continue to expose what has been done and produce evidence of same.
  5. We should take every action short of sin to bring down the media and the various tech companies that have aided and abetted these actions
  6. We should treat statements by those in media and tech who have protected aided and abetted these action will all the credibility and respect that they deserve, namely none

All of this said we also have to recognize that barring a sudden surge of courage or conscience by the those involved in these monstrous actions legally the Biden Harris administration will likely be in power and act accordingly in matter of law when necessary. while doing all we can, again short of sin, to hinder, stop and destroy their agenda.

One can recognize the reality on the ground without conceding the legitimacy of the situation. Like Chairman Xi of China in Tibet the The Biden Harris administration will have defacto power in the United States and we need to recognize this as needed to function in this society while at the same time proclaiming from the rooftops that the Biden and Harris authority over this country has the same legitimacy as Xi’s over Tibet.

That is none at all.

As of today this is my pinned tweet on Twitter

Why short of sin? Because nothing a Biden administration does is worth the cost of my soul or yours and to act in contrary to the best results of your soul is exactly what the enemy hopes to achieve by enabling them.

Oh and for the record, the enemy I’m referring to are not the democrats, they’re just, wittingly or unwittingly, working for him.

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