9/12 Thoughts Under the Fedora

Posted: September 12, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I’ve never liked 9/11 ceremonies. It always seemed that it was celebrating the enemies victory. My thought was we should crush and destroy them first and then when they are finished remember the day, particularly those who died in PA fighting back.

I accidently ended up at a 9/11 prayer service on Friday where the church that I go to Friday Morning Mass had their school kids file in for a service as a group of us were praying a Rosary. We were allowed to stay but frankly I wish I didn’t. 9/11 was painted as more a natural disaster done by people for no rational reason instead of the deliberate attack that it was and furthermore while they remembered those who died not a word for the soldiers who fought for us to prevent its repeating. It’s as if they were grooming these kids to be victims. I expect this from a public school but not a Catholic one.

One thing I mentioned in the last paragraph needs to be repeated and emphasized. For all the critiques of Afghanistan and Iraq the primary goal of both of those conflicts (at least in my mind) was to prevent another such attack here. Instead of launching attacks against civilian targets in the US for two decades terrorists concentrated on fighting the best Army the world has ever seen and for the most part dying in the attempt to beat them. Say what you will abut the various decision made but that primary goal was maintained for twenty years.

Like many others I would like to hear a clarification of the remarks of President Bush concerning domestic extremists specifying exactly who he means. Given he was using the same language as the MSM I’m not surprised a lot of people are angry at him, but unlike others I don’t regret my votes for him at all. He was the right man at the right time and as per the goals I outlined above left both Afghanistan & Iraq in a condition where they were in no position to repeat or support such an attack. It took Obama to give away the victory in Iraq and now Biden is dong the same in Afghanistan. Poor remarks not withstanding if Bush had still been in charge neither of these things would have happened.

Finally I’d like to say I was shocked by articles going on about Islamophobia yesterday during the same period that we have seen slaughter & slavery in Afghanistan as soon as the Islamists took command, a slaughter that if nothing else confirms that any “phobia” concerning Islam is well founded. Alas I could not be surprised. If the 40,000 plus people killed by radical Islamists since 9/11/01, the 219 attacks in 23 countries last month killing over 1500 and the 116 killed in attacks this month doesn’t catch the media’s eye why would I expect the slaughter in Afghanistan involving us to do so particularly on 9/11.

  1. Pod Hamp says:

    I voted twice for Bush the younger and still contend that he was a better choice than either Gore or Kerry would have been in his stead. But since the election of Pres. Trump, the whole Bush clan has really dropped in my estimation. They represent pretty much everything that is wrong with the Republican party these days. Too many spineless, “nice guy”, losers who continually cave to the Democrats and obsequiously suck up to the Mainstream media. Pres.Trump really exposed them for what they are because he would fight and win. That is why they hate him so much.