Quick Thursday Food shopping Thoughts Under the Fedora

Posted: September 16, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I know this is still completely anecdotal but I’ve been keeping track of Powerade at Market basket (made by Coca Cola) and Gatorade (not made by Coca Cola) in terms of price and availability.

Powerade is constantly in stock and I’ve seen 20 oz on sale for as little as .50 each.

the Gatorade shelf is regularly empty with various flavors etc out of stock and prices are up from 20-40%

I’ve also noticed that coke products are on sale a lot but non-coke products less so.

I conclude that even in a blue state woke costs $

How bad is the employment situation?

As a rule Market Basket is a place where everyone wants to at least get their foot in the door because they treat their employees so well, has for the first time in my memory been openly recruiting part time employees this year.

Even during boom times I never saw such signs up.

When I was a kid Entenmann was always the more expensive stuff that mom never bought. When I grew up I found myself going to local bakeries like Dutch Kitchen and never bothered to try them. When the owners of Dutch Kitchen sold out to new owners and I went down and bought a creme horn and couldn’t finish it because it was so horrible the next day I finally tried Entenmanns pastry.

I never knew that I was missing out for all these years?

If there’s anything that’s worth an extra buck, it’s this stuff.

How high have meats gone? After mass I sometimes swing by market basket & check out the meat section if I need something to cook the same day because that’s when they mark down the meats that have to go.

The markdowns on prime meats and steaks are higher than the price that Romano’s Market where charging for their prime meat a year and a half ago

Finally it’s now been about six months since Mr. Lopez took over what was Romano’s Market and starting carrying meats etc with a Spanish/Mexican twist.

I don’t by all my meats there and as Boubeau’s market in Leominster (which was actually around longer than Romano’s ) is near the church I go to on friday’s I will stop by there once or twice a month, but I do go there on a semi regular basis pick up some top round and tips and chat a bit.

It’s not the same of course as I knew Mike’s family forever and his kids used to come down to my store, but I like him and like what he carries and hope that on the day I die Mr. Lopez or his son is still at that corner in the neighborhood finishing his 1st 18 years in business.

  1. bob sykes says:

    You must live somewhere near Salem. I have family all over the Pelham/Salem area.

    You also must be near Feral Irishman and Granite Grok.

  2. Pod Hamp says:

    More data points for you:

    We went to Costco yesterday for some coupon items. We stopped by and looked at the ribeye steaks. We have gotten them there earlier this summer for 10.99 or 11.99 a pound. Yesterday they were priced at 14.99 per pound. We passed on them.

    The local grocery stores, a Kroger affiliate and a local independent chain that we frequent, are both rationing bottles and jugs of water. One sign in the store says a plastic jug shortage. We go through a couple of gallons of distilled water a week so have been keenly aware of the shortage.

    We are located in one of those square shaped states out west.

  3. FWIW – here in rural Nevada, the supply situation for Gatorade/Powerade is similar to where you are, and we’re in a desert, so fluids with electrolytes are much in demand. Still, there’s always plenty of Powerade while the Gatorade sells out quickly at our sole grocery store. The Gatorade is almost always on sale for $1.25/quart, but since Powerade tastes disgusting I don’t care if it’s on sale or not.