It’s not the Presence of Guns in Schools, it’s the Absence of God

Posted: June 6, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

One of the problems with the arguments concerning Guns in schools is that there was a time in living memory where guns were common in schools.

There were gun clubs, kids with rifles in the back seats of their cars (my brother used to drive around with his) and more than one teacher, being a vet of World War 2 or Korea would have a gun on him.

Yet during these years none of the problems that have happened this century took place.

Why? The reason is clear, in addition to Guns in the school, there was God.

Children are very impressionable (Which is why the LGBTQ Drag queen crowd are so keen to get to them) and if you are teaching them that:

  1. Everyone is a child of God
  2. You need to love your neighbor and your enemies
  3. It is necessary to forgive people
  4. There is a heaven and a hell
  5. If you commit horrible sins you risk hell
  6. Respect your elders

The vast majority will get it into their heads that shooting up other people is a bad idea.

But once you stop teaching kids this, within a generation or two neither students nor teachers will have this base to draw on.

By an odd coincidence a generation or two after God was taken out of the classroom we saw the advent of the school shooter.

None of this is a surprise because those learned folks who thought this was a good idea got into their heads that a lack of fatal violence was the natural state of things among humans, particularly young human males who are troubled, but the reality is that is the exception brought about by a culture that mitigated such things.

Remove that culture and man reverts to the violent animal he is.

On the plus side while God will always back off if you insist when he does he tends to stay at the very edge of your line of sight, ready to come running when you’re ready to realize you can’t face the world without him.

Perhaps when we reach rock bottom our culture will be wise enough to ask.

Closing thought: I alluded to the LGBTQ drag queen crowd taking advantage of impressionable kids, I’m old enough to appreciate the irony that they are acting exactly as the warning from the 50’s stereotypes said they did that we as a culture had rejected as alarmist.

Unexpectedly of course

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