Another Casualty of the Biden Administration Economy: My Favorite Restaurant and Our Plans for Our 35th Wedding Anniversary.

Posted: June 17, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Yesterday DaWife and I went out for lunch and started discussing what we were going to do next year for out 35th Anniversary and our 60th Birthdays which all fall within two months of each other.

We had talked about long road trips, maybe a return to the Missouri Star Quilt Company or perhaps visiting several Major League Parks. But with Gas already over $5 a gallon and the prospect of restricts of travel and hotels made such a choice complicated.

So yesterday we decided we would just have a big party and our first thought was to rent out our favorite restaurant Happy Jacks in Leominster.

We have been going there since before our kids were born, back in the days when it was the Border Bar and Grille. When they relocated closer to the house we would go there regularly and before COVID their lunch Buffett was our regular lunch spot.

Even with lunch dropped we would manage to get there. On Tuesday work was quiet and we were let out at 9:30. Me and some friends from work dashed down and enjoyed their all out can eat Tacos for Taco Tuesday till the Kitchen Closed.

They had survived the Downturns during the Bush and Obama years and had thrived during Donald Trump’s time in office but after over three decades they ran into something that even they could not endure.

The Biden Administration Economy.

Last night less than 6 hours after we decided to have them cater our party next year this appeared on their facebook page

I found out about it when I got home.

I have a lot of found memories of this place, too many to go through here, I won’t be having any more.

In the grand scheme of things it’s just one more business that has gone under thanks to the Biden Administration Economy and the steal of the last election. It’s just a few more jobs lost by people who worked there for decades, it’s just one more person whose decades of hard work building a business has gone for naught. Nobody in Washington will note it, it will not make the NY Time or the Washington Post or the TV news nor will those in the administration which insists we have a booming economy notice that it is gone.

But there are likely thousands of such causalities all over the country and the Biden Administration and those who helped them steal an election caused them, and no amount of spin will change that fact.

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