Privilege Theory vs Actual Reality at a Bar in Leominster

Posted: June 19, 2022 by datechguy in culture

Yesterday after opening day in my face to face Tabletop league (My Nationals took 2 of 3 from the world champion Rockies) and an unexpected nap I found myself alone in the house with a couple of hours to go before my wife got home. Normally I’d head to Happy Jacks but their surprise closing drove me a bit farther down route 12 to Longhorn Steakhouse home of the Spicy Chicken Bites, the Best Appetizer for the price in town.

There was a woman behind the bar. When I sat down she was in the process of reconciling her drawer but recognized me from visits with DaWife for dinner and knew what I wanted. I watched her between pitches and it brought to mind my mother watching bartenders and being able to tell who was stealing and who was not (she wasn’t btw). She was rather busy as a good bartender is, constantly washing glasses, busing the bar, fixing drinks for customers in the primary restaurant. I’ve always enjoyed watching a person do a job well and like the late Mike Romano who cut meat like the pro he was, this Bartender knew her craft and was able to keep all of us taken care of while still cashing out for her replacement.

Farther down the bar there was a thin fellow whose arms suggested he did some weightlifting. We struck up a conversation and it turned out he was formally employed at the same Market Basket as my son and a friend now working at one closer to his home.

He talked about working six days a week, about trying to keep up with his department, how hard it was to get help and the extra time that meant for him, but he also talked about his granddaughter and how he made it a point to put away money from those all those six day weeks so that when she was 18 and he was about to retire he could give her some cash to get herself started.

Noticing the time I headed home as DaWife was at work and was scheduled to get out at 10 PM. I got in at 9:35 and did some picking up so the place would be more presentable when she got home, but she didn’t get home at 10:15 as expected. It was past eleven when she walked in the door. She was the only nurse on duty at her place and there was work that had to be done which kept her for an extra hour. This was something that was not unusual on days when she was alone and she was happy to finally be off her feet and only deal with the aches and pains that are standard as you prepare to complete a sixth decade of life.

As I watched her go to the recliner I thought about the fellow working six days a week and the bartender who was busting her ass at her job and realized that based on the materials I had been given which I wrote about yesterday children all over the country are being taught how these three hard working people are members of a privileged class of oppressors who are keeping others down and that moreover there are people making a fortune off of selling this lie and shaking down corporations, perhaps even the ones these three are working for, to help finance this lie to not only school kids but to the public at large.

This is how you create division and how you bring down a republic.

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