The bungled response by the Uvalde Police Department keeps looking worse as more details emerge

Posted: June 23, 2022 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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The more I learn about the police response by the Uvalde Police Department during the tragic shooting, the more infuriated an nauseated I become. 

This headline is beyond maddening, Uvalde Cops Made No Attempt To Open the Door Where the Gunman Was Shooting 19 Kids (

According to the San-Antonio Express News, video footage shows that law enforcement allegedly never even attempted to open the door of the elementary school where a gunman barricaded himself in a classroom for 77 minutes while police stood outside. 

“Surveillance footage shows that police never tried to open a door to two classrooms at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde in the 77 minutes between the time a gunman entered the rooms and massacred 21 people and officers finally breached the door and killed him,” the paper reported. 

There is also reason to believe the door was unlocked to the building, making it easy for law enforcement to enter the school. 

I never believed such incompetence was possible, especially in police departments.  This incompetence has a tragically high body count.

The timidity of the leadership of the Uvalde Police Department is just as shocking and infuriating as the incompetence.

It just kepps getting  worse: Uvalde Shooting Could Have Been Stopped In Three Minutes – Louder With Crowder

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw addressed a Texas state senate hearing today. He had more details than the last time we heard from him. Most notably that the shooter could have been put down in three minutes, as opposed to the one hour and fourteen minutes it took.

McGraw testified that, within three minutes, there were enough officers armed and armored up to “isolate, distract, and neutralize” the shooter. The only thing stopping them was the on-scene commander who never made the call.

The security lapses that led up to the shooting were just as infuriating. and far more tragic because this entire tragedy could have been prevented, Uvalde Officials Leave School Unlocked, Ignored Classroom Lock Maintenance Shooting (

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw revealed critical school safety violations that contributed to the shooter being able to access the Robb Elementary School building and classrooms. The district also failed to correct at least one maintenance issue that kept the specific classroom door where the shooting took place from being lockable.

DPS Director Colonel McCraw told the Texas Senate on Tuesday that the south and west doors were placed into an unlocked setting, State Senator Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) told Breitbart Texas Tuesday. The doors were routinely left unlocked in direct violation of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District’s school safety directive, he related.

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