How the NeverTrump Left See Themselves

Posted: June 30, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Yesterday as I was pointing out the collapse of the Jan 6th committee latest tall tale I had an exchange online with a fanatical NeverTrumper who was insisting Trump had been the worst president in history and that had brought the nation to chaos and how ashamed I should be for still backing him.

Now there are plenty of people who make a living pushing this drivel but there are also a lot of people who desperately want and need to believe this, as I put it yesterday:

the people who fancied themselves as the “Resistance” during the Trump Years who will shortly be facing rolling blackouts, who can’t find basic items that were once common, who can’t pay for gas and whose retirement savings have gone away so want this to be true, in fact they need it to be true because the alternative is to acknowledge that they did this to themselves

I suddenly thought of the Classic Movie Stagecoach which launched John Wayne as a Superstar, namely the scene when the passengers run out of ammunition and Hatfield (John Carradine) who joined the stage to offer his protection to Mrs. Mallory (Louise Pratt) realizes he has only one shot left

The left sees itself as Hatfield, willing to pull the trigger on America, willing to justify all of the troubles that the Biden Administration has brought upon us to save the country from the ravages of Trump.

But it goes farther than that. The left lived though the Trump years and their primary complaints during that time were first world problems of being embarrassed by Trump mannerisms and blunt speech. Even the COVID stuff, the real problem came not from Trump but from his mistake of trusting Fauci who used his position to put the country through hell and empower the left while deifying himself.

In short imagine if the attacking apaches in the scene above where in fact just kids playing cowboys outside with cap guns but Hatfield in a panic kills Mrs. Mallory anyway.

That’s where the left is and that is why they will clutch at any straw, any word and statement, no matter how outrageous, no matter how fanciful, no matter how unbelievable about Donald Trump. That’s why there is no public outcry over the imprisonment of Americans held over a year without trial over a trespassing charge.

The moment they drop their pretense of Trump being a monster is the moment they have to acknowledge the reality of what they have done, to the country, to the norms of justice and to themselves. That is the moment that they have to see themselves in the light of truth.

I suspect that for tens of thousands on the left, that sight is simply too much for them and they will pay any price to delay that moment for even one more day.

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  2. John says:

    You are naïve in the extreme if you think the left is sorry for “what they’ve done to the country and the norms of justice.” Their norm of justice is that anybody who dissents from their rule goes to a prison camp.