Ask Yourself These Questions:

Posted: July 11, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Did you really expect the Minneapolis Police who have been demonized and demoralized to come out to stop the fireworks going on during the 4th of July?

Just think a million cameras rolling and everyone just waiting to destroy you if you put the slightest foot wrong when stopping it?

Those guys are going to keep their heads down and collect their pensions.

Did you really expect straight Christian Americans who have for the entire lifetime of the volunteer army been the primary source of recruits to sign up when the army is demonizing them and their beliefs while calling them White Supremacists?

Are you surprised they have to lower standards, dispense with the high school requirement and drop restrictions on tats to get the people they want?

What do you think the end game might be? I suspect it will be something that rhymes with a term for the back of a ship.

Is anyone surprised that the elites of the UN would put a paper on their site extoling the virtues of world hunger, pointing to hunger as something that makes workers “more productive”. Or that the author would be a professor, one of the elites who like the folks at the UN don’t worry about hunger.

It brings to mind an old episode of The Adventures of Robin Hood where a lord is flabbergasted that the peasants on the manor actually expected to sleep on beds, just like their betters.

Expect to see a lot more of the elites extol the bright side of want and shortages that they will be able to avoid.

Where you actually shocked that the Biden Administration and the left took the time to use the assassination of the former prime minister of Japan as a prop for their agenda?

Given that the left has been utilitarian in terms of everything from George Floyd to the takeover of Seattle regardless of the consequences can it be any wonder that Abe’s murder is just another tool to advance their agenda?

Ask yourself Is there anything you can think of that this administration and the people running it would not play political games with for fun and profit?

Finally ask yourself this: Given what you’ve seen from the left in terms of violent and harassment of their political opponents with little or no pushback from law enforcement why would you presume they will be any less violent the closer we get to election day?

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