5 Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora The Liberal City Ten Count, Easy pickings in Kenly NC, Reynolds Jan 6th Prediction, Hume -2 Mil, Avoid Monkeying Around to Avoid Monkey-Pox

Posted: July 24, 2022 by datechguy in under the fedora

Today’s First Reading at Mass was Abraham asking God if he would spare Sodom & Gomorra if he could find at least 50, then 45, then 30 and finally 10 people and God answering

“For the sake of those ten I will not destroy it.”

Genesis 18:32b

With the mass migration of normal people from blue states and areas I have a sinking feeling that cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore, NYC and DC have a bureaucrat whose job it is to make sure that the population of actual faithful Catholics living in the city limits never falls below ten.

I suspect this job has become more vital over time

A Town in North Carolina police force has resigned en masse over a new city manager citing a “hostile work environment”

The new town manager has a history of employment in liberal cities and I suspect brought a lot of that with her to this town in NC, but I suspect the new woke agenda isn’t playing here:

“It is with a heavy heart that I take this action. I have been with the town since 2004 and fully expected to finish my law enforcement career with the Town of Kenly. Unfortunately, there are decisions being made that jeopardize my safety and make me question what the future will hold for a Kenly Police Officer,” wrote officer G.W. Strong.

There are a lot of liberal cities bleeding police and heading to departments big and small in Red States. I suspect none of those police will be heading to Kenly North Carolina.

If I’m a thief or gang member from Raleigh or Goldsboro I’d be planning on an excursion to Kenly in a couple of weeks as there will likely be easy pickings, but if you want your small town to become more “progressive” you can’t do it without cost.

I noted that Glenn Reynolds in his linkage of a Johnathan Turley piece on the latest from the Jan 6th committee ended with this comment:

Also, if things keep going the way they’re going, the January 6 “insurrectionists” will ultimately be looked back upon as martyrs who tried to prevent a tragedy.

All of what has happened has been due to cowardice. The unwillingness to bluntly state that there were shenanigans in the last election that the establishment left and their allies in the judiciary in the blue states and regions they took place in were unwilling to call out in fear of rocking the boat has had huge consequences for this country and caused incredible pain to hundreds of millions of people.

I shudder to think what the result will be when they try this again in 2024, I suspect the result will not be as peaceful.

I really can’t do better than Stacy McCain in his takedown of Edenborough University over them cancelling David Hume (d 1776) for not being sufficiently woke by 21st century standards:

defaming the dead is easy work. Hume was a man of formidable skill in argumentation, and if anyone at the time had found fault with this footnote in his essay, certainly Hume would have been capable of defending himself. As it was, of course, no one in 18th-century Europe had any reason to question Hume’s judgment on this matter. How many avid believers in racial equality were there in England in 1758? Few, if any, I’m sure, and probably they had more important matters to deal with than accosting a Scottish philosopher about a footnote.

Really, why was this deemed important enough to rename a building at the University of Edinburgh? Is it any wonder that donors are canceling their bequests? What a silly tempest in a teapot — “Ban the dead racist David Hume!” — yet the Eminent Scholars in charge of a university evidently took it seriously.

Well they likely didn’t need those 2 million pounds of bequests cancelled so far anyways did they.

UPDATE soon to be banned:

The media keeps breathlessly going on about Monkey Pox however they have not yet been able to report on what for them would be the holy grail for Monkey Pox. An outbreak among monogamous straight people.

Put simply for all the hysteria concerning Monkeypox if you want to avoid the disease here is the secret:

Monogamous sex with one monogamous partner

I’d like to point out this cunning plan works with both straight and gay couples.

and I’ll leave you with this tweet:

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