Why are we sitting on our hands while the United States is dismantled?

Posted: July 28, 2022 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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Since the very beginning of the Wuhan Flu Pandemic, I’ve felt that there is something  fundamentally wrong with the United States.  I’m not talking about the out of control federal government, or the outrageous amount of government spending, or the fact that all levels of government trample on our rights, or that rampant indoctrination is taking place in our schools, or the way the federal government is crushing our economy with destructive taxes and regulations.  All of this has been going on for decades. 

What I find exceptionally disturbing now is how little all of this seems to bother the vast majority of those living here, in what used to be the freest and most prosperous nation. 

Previous generations would not have sat by passively while different levels of the government prevented individuals from leaving their houses, closed businesses, forced everyone to wear face diapers,  or forced tens of millions to be injected with a vaccine so they could participate in society. 

The founding generation would have grabbed their pitch forks, torches, and muskets.  This generation has behaved like sheep.  There have been some sporadic protests, nothing more.

Now the Biden regime is systematically dismantling the economy of the United States, in order to fight something that is completely imaginary.  Yup, I’m talking about man made climate change.  Gas prices have fallen slightly in the past couple weeks, only because the recession we are in has caused demand to fall. That is after they skyrocketed.  Inflation, caused by both an out of control federal government and federal reserve, is grinding our economy to a halt.  Our dementia challenged, pretend president, is threatening to enact the Green New Deal through executive order.

We are witnessing a disaster of epic proportions at out southern border because the Biden regime has opened the flood gates completely.  Government policies have caused the supply chain crisis and, potentially, a food shortage.  An onerous gun control bill was just passed with the help of traitorous Republicans.  Biden and the rest of the Democrats are threatening to seize assault weapons trough a law passed by congress or an executive order,

What have we done about all of this nonsense? Hardly anything at all.  There have been sporadic protests.  Nothing was done when the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump.

I am not advocating for violence.  We have not reached that stage.  If we continue to do nothing we very well may. 

What happens if the midterm elections, we all seem to be pinning our hopes on, are stolen?  If the Republicans win back just the House, will that really save the US?  If the Republicans also edge out a narrow majority in the Senate, will Romney and the rest of the RINOs work with the Republicans, or will they continue to conspire with the Democrats?

What we need to do is organize mass protests, extremely large and non violent mass protests.  They need to be large enough and passionate enough to remind our elected representatives that they are in fact elected representative, and not our rulers.

We need to organize mass election rallies for Republicans in both houses, to build up energy and momentum.  Also we need to educate as many of our friends and family about what is going on.  We cannot be afraid to share or views and we cannot be afraid of losing friends. Mostly we need to vote and inspire as many as possible to vote for Republicans, true Republicans.

  1. Pod Hamp says:

    Jon, I feel your anger and frustration. I am just as angry and frustrated. But I don’t think organizing “extremely large and non violent mass protests” is the answer. January 6th was just that, and look how that turned out. Infiltrated with left wing agitators, government agents, and others up to mischief. I can just see how that would play out. Antifa dressed in MAGA hats, waving Confederate flags. Others attacking the police and trashing the place. All the while, the media is eagerly lapping it up, reporting on the carnage, and blaming it all on Trump and the Republicans. Pelosi and Garland calling for Martial Law. Biden calling everyone involved a domestic terrorist.

    For years, the March for Life people organized annual protests in DC, and every year they were ignored by the media. It took electing Trump, and him appointing Supreme Court Justices to make a change to Roe V Wade. So as much as we might wish for a Sri Lanka-like solution of rising up and chasing the corrupt politicians out of the country, I think that is just wishful thinking.

    There are many things that can be done, and you spell out several in the post. But, in my humble opinion, most of them fall in the category of personal and family preparedness. Voting and donating and working on a local and personal level to make the changes happen that you want to see.

    As Jesus once said, you need to be smart like the serpent.

  2. Sailorcurt says:

    I’m old. Even back in the stone age when I was attending public schools, I remember it.

    “If someone picks on you, don’t fight back, tell a teacher.”
    “Trust the authorities, they’ll take care of it”
    “Don’t take things into your own hands, just call the police and wait for help”
    “You can’t do that yourself, you need to call a professional”

    I could go on and on and on. Fortunately, I grew up on a farm and learned the hard way that most of that was just propaganda. It didn’t “take” for me and most of my peers, but the indoctrination was there, right out in the open, even 40 years ago…and probably earlier than that.

    Since then society has become more and more urban (and suburban, which is basically just urban with a bigger yard). Industries in small cities have closed down, farming has become industrialized and increasingly automated.

    Urban living drives those lessons home even more. Not only are urban dwellers discouraged from self-reliance, they are often legally prohibited from it. When one is utterly reliant on others for virtually every aspect of his life and survival, one learns dependence. Dependence equals control.

    So, these utterly dependent people who’ve been trained their entire lives to rely on the government to save them when they do stupid sh1t, are told to stay home, lock their doors and put on their face-diapers, what do you think they’re going to do?

    Add to that the basic fact that the most self-reliant people are also the least likely to feel the need to try to coerce, convince, or even suggest that others should do things their way. Most of us truly believe in “live and let live” and the golden rule. We have families, we have jobs, we have responsibilities that are important to us. It takes a heck of a lot to get people like that to put their lives on hold to go out and demonstrate. When the war starts, let me know, I’ll be there…but in the meantime I’ve got better things to do than stand on a street corner screaming and waving a sign. Especially since the stasi has already demonstrated that right wingers who engage in political activity can expect to be thrown in jail and have their lives ruined. If I’m going to risk that, it’s going to have to be for something more likely to be effective than chanting slogans in a crowd.

  3. dirc says:

    “I’m not advocating for violence. We have not reached that stage.” That’s why nothing will change. We will never reach that stage.

    Most people who share your values are middle class. The middle class won’t risk financial and personal ruin. Non-violent protests will be met with arrests and no-bail imprisonment for the leaders, lock out from financial institutions for the followers, job loss and targeted violence. Ruin.

    For two years I have been reading tough talk about the need for the 2nd Amendment to preserve our liberties. The guns that conservatives cherish are inert hunks of metal and plastic, for all the good they do in the body politic.

  4. Big Balinese Wheel Money says:

    “The conservatives are inert hunks of fat and bone, for all the good they do in the body politic.”