The Best Argument For Trump I’ve Ever Heard

Posted: July 29, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The bottom line of the point is this: Trump saw things in the light of Truth and spoke the truth out load even when it was uncomfortable.

Closing thought. What’s the over/under on the number of days before this speech is banned from Youtube?

  1. bob sykes says:

    I voted for Trump twice, because he promised reform. But I will not vote for him again, because he was a weak President who could not control his own staff. The most embarrassing moment in recent Presidential history is when Bolton and Pompeo publicly vetoed and repudiated the deal Trump had made with Kim. It is worse than the Pentagon’s refusal to withdraw from Syria when they were ordered to do so. The there is the Gen Milley insubordination re the nuclear chain of command and our China relations. (There were earlier examples of Pentagon insubordination as far back as Clinton.) Finally, there was the complete capture and control of our Middle East policy by Netanyahu and his agent in the White House Jared Kushner.

    So stop beating a dead horse. Find another Republican. Right now that is De Santis for me.

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