The Best Argument for Biden that the Left can Manage

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In Stacy McCain’s post on the Biden Economy there was one bit that jumped out at me:

Magical thinking: “Corporate minimum tax!” This will miraculously solve all the budget problems, Democrats expect us to believe and, considering that 38.2% of voters actually approve of the job Biden’s doing as president, there are tens of millions of Americans stupid enough to believe anything. 

Now, in my opinion this 38.2% consists of three distinct groups.

The first group are the greased. These are the people who directly benefit from the Biden graft. The companies that are given subsidies, the cities that those companies are based in, the activist class and of course all those who suck at the government tit, many of them already obscenely wealthy and a key part of the Democrat base (which is why you don’t hear media talking about “cooperate welfare” anymore) Biden is their guy doing their bidding so they’re all for him.

The second is the thug class, if you’re a criminal in Biden’s America you are pretty much being given a free pass in blue cities. If you’re running a high level criminal enterprise the Biden policies mean that your street thugs are playing with house money. The Tony Soprano’s of the world are getting their 10% with ease and the various thug classes who are literally getting away with murder know who to thank, cripes they’re even getting recruited by Democrat activists to thug on their behalf. To them the Biden years are the days of wine and roses.

To those people the Biden Administration is doing exactly what they want

But there is one more group out there and to understand this group we go back to USA today from five years ago and their grading of the first 100 days of Donald Trump Presidency by Glenn Reynolds:

A+ Not Hillary: President Trump was elected in no small part because he was not Hillary Clinton, and he’s done an A+ job of not being Hillary Clinton during his first 100 days. And as additional news about Hillary’s shambolic presidential campaign has come out — including revelations that she combed through staff emails from her previous campaign and assigned people “loyalty scores” — the importance of having a president who is not Hillary Clinton seems even greater than it did in November. And, I’m happy to say, I expect President Trump to go on not being Hillary Clinton for the next four (or eight!) years. A+ job, Mr. President!

and his grade at one year

A+ Still Not Hillary: Last year, I graded President Trump as an A+ because he was doing an outstanding job of not being Hillary Clinton. A year after his inauguration, he’s even more not-Hillary. And the childish and irrational effort by Democrats to escape into fantasies of undoing the 2016 election via impeachment or 25th Amendment medical disability demonstrates that their party isn’t ready to govern anytime soon. Aside from not being Hillary, Trump has some actual accomplishments, and not just in terms of judicial appointments. The tax bill passed, the economy is already benefiting, and the results are already showing up in workers’ paychecks. Trump has exceeded his goal of undoing two regulations for every new regulation passed, and he’s on track to shrink the federal government significantly — though not enough — in his first term.  As a libertarian, my expectations for Trump were pretty modest, and in this respect, he has already  surpassed them. And, with Trump in the White House, the plague of sexual abuse in the news and entertainment worlds has been brought to light, when it almost certainly would have been kept quiet under Hillary so as to avoid embarrassing associations with Bill Clinton’s past offenses. Every day when Trump wakes up, he’s not Hillary, and that’s the main reason he is in the White House now. 

Glenn in his 1 year review of Trump could point to actual accomplishments which continued to grow over the four years of the Trump presidency which is, in my opinion, the single most successful first term of a presidency since James K. Polk.

Now if you ask me, you can count the accomplishments of Joe Biden on the thumbs of one toe, but in fairness there is one accomplishment that can’t be taken away from him, something that to a large group of Americans, is significant.

He’s not Donald Trump.

For those Americans no amount of suffering from high gas prices, to inflation, to crime in the streets, to shortages of everything from Baby Food to Tampons to even the spaying of their own children and the complete denial and redefining of reality for political gain mean nothing, compared to the fact that Donald Trump is not president. Suddenly all that they’ve been put through becomes not a failure of leadership but a virtue, they are suffering, but Trump is not president. It gives them self esteem, virtue without actually being virtuous and in their mind Joe Biden has given that to them.

They’re lives and suffering are martyrdom for the sake of NeverTrump, alas they will discover that unlike Baptism by Blood, it will not wash away sins.

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