Baseball league updates 1970 Draft League

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I haven’t done a post on my baseball leagues for a while so here is an update on the one of the two leagues I’m currently running online:

My Primary League is a draft league. We started in 1969 and are in our 2nd season playing 1970. We expanded to 18 teams this season and because of this converted to 3 divisions of 3 teams in each league with a wild card.

The season is 162 games, and you play more within your division than outside of it. Trades are allowed including draft picks for the next season up to round 7. Because Dynasty has not yet released a 1971 or 1972 season (but says they will soon) we presuming that we are playing the 1973 season next. If 71 or 72 comes out before the end of the season or soon enough before the draft we might go earlier.

Oh and one more thing, the divisions are based on where the managers live rather than where the teams actually are. This makes it easier for players to schedule games.

Seattle Pilots2925.537—–NoN/A
NY Yankees2726.5091 1/2No+1
Baltimore Orioles2328.4514 1/2No2
Minnesota Twins3024.556—–NoN/A
California Angels2628.4814No1/2
Cleveland Indians2427.4814 1/2No1
Oakland A’s2724.529—–NoN/A
Boston Redsox2627.4912No—–
Washington Senators1836.33310 1/2No8 1/2
AL Avg LeadersTeam Avg
Wes ParkerBos.356
Lou Piniella26.353
Rico CartyBos.349
AL Hits LeadersTeam Hits
Wes ParkerBos72
Don MoneyCal71
Sandy Alomar Sr.Cal71
AL Runs LeadersTeam Runs
Joe MorganMin39
Roberto ClementeMin36
Sandy Alomar Sr.Bos35
AL Home Run LeadersTeam Runs
Frank HowardWash15
Harmon KillebrewMin11
Reggie JacksonOak10
Don MoneyCal10
Willie MaysMin10
AL RBI LeadersTeam Runs
Don MoneyCal45
Tommy HarperSea45
Tommy AgeeSea42

AL LeadersDivision Winner automatically makes playoffs

Philadelphia Phillies3321.611—–NoN/A
Atlanta Braves3123.5742No+ 5 1/2
Montreal Nos Amours2427.4717 1/2No—–
Cincinnati Cin City3816.704—– Non/a
New York Daytraders2430.44414No1 1/2
St. Louis Cardinals2232.40716No3 1/2
San Francisco Giants4330.589—-Non/a
Los Angeles Dodgers2430.4445No1 1/2
1974 Chicago Cubs2430.4445No1 1/2
NL Avg LeadersTeam Avg
Vic DavalilloStL.366
Ted KubiakStL.345
Carl YastrzemskiMon.341
NL Hits LeadersTeam HIts
Tony OlivaAtl76
Luis AparicioPitt73
Ted KubiakStL68
NL Runs LeadersTeam Runs
Bob BaileyReds49
Jim HickmanReds49
Willie McCoveyLAD41
Johnny BenchReds41
NL Home Run LeadersTeam HR
Bob RobinsonPhil17
Bob BaileyReds17
Jim HickmanReds15
NL RBI LeadersTeam RBI
Jim HickmanReds49
Hank AaronNYM44
Bob RobinsonPhil43

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