The Difference between a Fake Fact Check and a Real one

Posted: November 3, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

We conservatives are constantly hit with “fact checks” by the left on things we say either online or in person. As a general rule we respond to said “fact checks” by standing by what we say and pointing out the holes in them an example:

This is why we on the right laugh at fact checkers because we know they’re playing a political game rather than actually checking facts.

However yesterday we saw something we’ve not seen before. The White House tweeted out a factual statement that proclaimed that thanks to Biden’s leadership Seniors are getting their biggest social security raise in 10 years. And we saw a twitter “context” check noting that the increase is do to the cost of living update signed into law by Nixon in 1972 which increases social security based on the inflation rate.

So how did the White House respond to this addition of “context”. They cut and ran:

Yup they deleted the tweet rather than risking people seeing that context.

That’s the difference between the right and the left, we fight back against the left’s “fact checkers” because we know they’re spreading falsehoods, they run away from our fact checkers because they know we’re telling the truth.

If you didn’t understand what they left is terrified of a twitter they can’t control, now you know.

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