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The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.

Louisiana Gov Edwin Edwards 1983

10th Doctor: Actually, the most impressive thing about you is that after all this time, you’re still bone dead stupid.

Doctor Who The End of Time Part 2 2010

For people who are both supposed to be progressives who have rejected the norms of Christianity and the smartest people in the room our democrat friends seem to be not only out of touch with reality but bone dead stupid as they still think it’s 40 or 50 or sixty years ago.

For example if Edwin Edwards running as a Democrat was caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl today, not only would he lose no votes from the party of “Drag Queen Story Hour” but the media would call anyone who objected “homophobic” if it was a live boy or “necrophobic” if it was a dead girl.

Put simply there is not a registered Democrat or Independent today who will vote against any Democrat based on a sexual tryst of any type.

But you know what a Democrat or independent will vote against a Democrat for, if they think their policies put them in physical danger.

This year both crime and illegal immigration are issues that are killing Democrats in Georgia, New York, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and all over the nation. The rise of violent crime particularly and the fear thereof is front and center almost everywhere.

So I ask this question to the Democrats in media, in politics and online: Ignoring for a moment the facts of this particular case, What narrative would you rather have dominating the news in the week before this election?

Paul Pelosi, husband to the person 2nd in line for the presidency while taking part in a tryst with a man in the Gayest city in America, which is nobody’s business but his own, was injured in his own home when it went bad.


Paul Pelosi husband to the person 2nd in line for the presidency residing in the most Democrat City in the Most Democrat state in the country was violently attacked in his own home by a mentally ill illegal alien who somehow gained access to it.

I submit and suggest the first story wouldn’t cost the left a single vote they hadn’t already lost years ago but the 2nd is dynamite because it suggests that under Democrat rule even the spouse of the one of the richest and most powerful Political leaders isn’t safe in his own home in a year when both crime and illegal immigration are issues front and center.

Now the facts are what they are and hopefully they will all be out there quickly but when I see every Democrat pushing the 2nd line thinking it will hurt the GOP all I can do is laugh and think of Casey Stengal’s famous cry when he saw the ineptitude of his 1962 Mets:

Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game? 

Yesterday Instapundit put a link to Ann Althouse who had a very interesting take on the Paul Pelosi story and how the NYT spun Elon Musk tweet answering Hillary Clinton:

The main thing Musk did there was ding Clinton for throwing out baseless speculation. He was emboldened — just kidding, he seems to have felt emboldened — to swing wildly because he was swinging back at her wild swing. She wielded the hammer of self-serving accusation and he grabbed it and demonstrated how badly you can hurt someone with it.

The article alleges that Mr. Pelosi was drunk and in a fight with a male prostitute.

Oh, my lord, now the vivid allegation is right there in the NYT. It was fit to print. Why?! Because Musk merely pointed at it in a tweet that was — as I read it — designed to tell Hillary Clinton to back off with the political propaganda. 

Mr. Musk’s tweet was later deleted, and it was not immediately clear who had deleted it.

But this is a news story. Musk linked to something, then deleted it. I’m inclined to speculate that the reason the NYT is elevating this story is that the drunk-fight-with-a-male-prostitute story is not beyond the pale. It needs to be rendered toxic so no one will pass it around. Don’t dare say it! 

Kurt Schlichter also had a few things to say on the subject:

An official investigation? Yes, please! This is a serious matter, we’re told. After all, the regime media and Democrats such as Ilhan Omar are out there making charges like “A far-right white nationalist tried to assassinate the Speaker of the House and almost killed her husband a year after violent insurrectionists tried to find her and kill her in the Capitol, and the Republican Party’s response is to either ignore it or belittle it.” Heck, Our Democracy is at stake, so the incoming Republican majority must get to the bottom of this alleged act of political violence.

I somehow think the Democrats will be reluctant to help, though Speaker McCarthy should not let any Democrats on the panel in the first place as payback for the 1/6 kangaroo committee. But why not investigate? These are serious charges, albeit from unserious people. Omar, a commie ingrate whose stupidity is exceeded only by her dishonesty, could not resist trying to leverage some cheap advantage from this grody scenario, but she should have passed on strategic if not moral grounds. By trying to place the blame for this on us, she triggered the Streisand Effect just when Democrats least needed to be associated with even more weird nonsense than they are already. Blaming Republicans for what appears to many people to be a sex tryst gone sour guarantees the wrongly accused – us – are going to hammer the Democrats unmercifully about it.

Well there are some obvious questions to be answered. Jim Treacher leads of his piece at Substack with the one most obvious:

The Pelosis are worth somewhere north of $100 million. Nancy Pelosi is the speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and second in the line of presidential succession. You’re telling me her husband Paul was alone in a house with no security or surveillance cameras? This lunatic David DePape just walked right up to the house and broke in?

In fairness if you told me ten years ago that San Francisco would have “poop maps” I’d have found that pretty unbelievable too.

Those are all interesting takes but the most sensible take on the subject comes from a tweet from Byron York who is the king of sensible takes.

This of course is a good idea if you want to establish the actual facts. This is however why Don Surber believes this is unlikely:

I imposed the 24-hour rule on the attack on Paul Pelosi, 82, on Saturday. Today I impose the 24-year rule because we never will learn the truth because San Francisco’s police are not as depicted by Karl Malden and Michael Douglas a half-century ago. The cops put on this case are political operatives whose duty is to shield the truth from the public.

The left says Trump did this and cites social media posts which conveniently portray the assailant as a QAnon fan, et cetera.

The right says this was a lover’s quarrel.

The suspect was born and raised in Canada

None of this adds up. Nobody knows outside a few cops and those who were there. Pray for Paul Pelosi and move on. Forget it, Jake. It’s San Fran town.

Now the truth is charges not withstanding I don’t know what actually happened and neither do any of you but I hereby make this prediction: If the 911 audio, officers body cam video, the Toxicological tests the various reports and the camera footage from the Pelosi house and any surrounding cameras in the neighborhood support the media’s narrative then they will all be released pretty soon.

If they are not then I strongly suspect Don Surber’s 24 year rule will kick in, unless the GOP forces the issue as Mr. Schlichter suggests.

Now when it comes down to it regardless of which narrative if any is correct and whatever the fellow was actually doing at the strangely (particularly given how the left has been insisting that there have been an unrelenting wave of right wing violence over the last year) unprotected Pelosi residence assaulting the old man is wrong and we of course hope for his recovery.

This is a story that is generating a lot of buzz but if you want to know what story SHOULD be all over everyone’s tongue it’s this one also via Insty:


The story proper

The Biden Administration will lend its weight to Attorney General Maura Healey’s campaign again this week, when Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to hold a get out the vote rally in Boston.

“On Wednesday evening, Vice President Kamala Harris will attend a campaign rally in support of the statewide Massachusetts Democratic ticket. Massachusetts voters have the opportunity to make history by electing the first woman as Governor of Massachusetts with Maura Healey, the first all-women executive office team in the country with Healey and Lieutenant Governor nominee Kim Driscoll, and the first Black woman elected statewide in Massachusetts with Attorney General nominee Andrea Campbell,” the Healey campaign announced Sunday night.

Think about this for a second. It’s the final week of the campaign with critical races to defend the Senate and House for the Democrats and the Democrats find it necessary to send the VP to campaign in friggen Massachusetts to help Maura Healey in a race considered so safe for the left that they don’t even bother to list the 25.5 Democrat spread on the two pols they have listed at RCP.

No wonder the left/media would rather go all in on either the “Right winger attacks Pelosi” or “Right Wingers spread Pelosi conspiracy theory” stuff instead.

Fetterman’s follies

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By Christopher Harper

In a neck-snapping argument, U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman and his fellow travelers in the media maintain that his recent stroke has made him more cognizant of the issues confronting families and the ill.

In a recent editorial, The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote: “Fetterman deserves our respect, not ridicule, after the U.S. Senate debate. The Democratic nominee could become a role model in helping the nation better understand that a person’s struggles can also be a source of strength.”

I think that Fetterman is unfit to serve in Congress because of his irrational views on issues facing the country. I think he is incredibly unfit to serve in Congress because of the continuing effects of last May’s stroke.

Fetterman suffers from aphasia, which is seen in many brain diseases and is an impairment in the construction and communication of ideas.

“It doesn’t merely prevent someone from translating his thoughts into a natural language. An aphasic patient … won’t be able to communicate his meaning any better by switching to American Sign Language. Nor does it simply distort one’s articulated speech. An aphasic patient can’t get around his inability to speak by writing instead. By impairing language itself, an aphasia mars the mechanisms that make formulating and understanding one’s thoughts possible,” neurologist Michael Stanley wrote recently in The Wall Street Journal.

At the only debate in the race, Fetterman tried to downplay his illness or what he called the “elephant in the room.”

“I had a stroke. He’s never let me forget that,” Fetterman said of Oz, who has persistently questioned his ability to serve in the Senate. “And I might miss some words during this debate, mush two words together, but it knocked me down, and I’m going to keep coming back up.”

He refused to commit when pressed to release his medical records later in the debate.

During the debate, Fetterman read closed captions of the questions and answers. He fumbled through various answers, including an apparent flip-flop on fracking, which he said he now supported.

Unfortunately, Fetterman suffered a stroke. But let’s face it—he’s physically unfit to serve in a demanding and stressful job.

It would be better if he admitted it long ago. Now, he should sit the game out and get better.