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By John Ruberry

While increasingly irrelevant, the mainstream media is still a force to be reckoned with in regard to shaping opinion. Despite paywalls at many newspaper and magazine sites, revenue is down, and layoffs are up. The paywalls of course limit readership, and usually, considering what is produced by the MSM, that’s a good thing.

You probably that FTX, a Bahamas-based cryptocurrency firm that is incorporated in Antigua and Barbuda, filed for bankruptcy protection a few days after Election Day.

Oh, Election Day, is that a non-sequitur? 


The co-founder, and until November 11, the CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, was the second-largest contributor to Democrats in the 2022 midterms. Nearly $40 million in SBF funds went to the Dems, most of that money ended up in three Democrat-PACs. Only George Soros, who made his fortune in currency trading, donated more to the Dems during the midterm cycle.

Bankman-Fried, often referred to as SBF, has not been charged with any crimes. Still, there are comparisons being made between SBF and Ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff, as well as the collapse of Enron. Bankman-Fried’s successor at FTC, John Ray III, who did the best he could in cleaning up Enron, had this to say about his new employer, “Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls and such a complete absence of trustworthy financial information as occurred here.” Larry Summers, alluded to the Enron debacle too. “The smartest guys in the room. Not just financial error but — certainly from the reports — whiffs of fraud,” the former Treasury secretary under Barack Obama said. “Vast explosion of wealth that nobody quite understands where it comes from.”

And I believe there is a bit of the Fyre Fest hoaxster, Billy McFarland, embedded in Bankman-Fried’s mental DNA.

Notwithstanding Summers remark, there have been few if any screams of anger from prominent Democrats about the FTX ruination. I wonder why. Not!

The mainstream media coverage of Bankman-Fried has largely avoided this word–megadonor. Which is of course how the MSM reflexively labels major Republican campaign contributors such as Ken Griffin, Andy Sabin, Ronald Lauder and so many more. When I entered “megadonor” into the Google News site this morning and their names popped up. Not so much with SBF–and most of those mentions came from conservative-leaning sites such as Fox Business and the Washington Free Beacon. NBC News managed to use the word “megadonor” in an article about SBF–but take a look at the mournful headline that accompanied that story: Crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried’s downfall could deprive Democrats of key donor.

We used to see similar media malpractice–until bloggers and conservative journalists repeatedly called the MSM out on it–with the phrase “mass shooting” only being used when the evil perpetrator was a white male. 

You know who else is almost never called a megadonor by the media? 

George Soros. 

Media bias is like the Hydra, a beast from Greek mythology. There are so many heads that need to be sliced off. 

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Well the Trump polls is done and the Donald Won 51.8% to 48.2% out of more than 15 MILLION votes cast on twitter concerning if he should be reinstated or not.

As of 8:13 PM when I am writing this the @realdonaldtrump account on twitter still showed up as suspended but by 9:15 it was back but either way it generated 15 million votes plus a bunch of eyeballs for Twitter which was the whole point of the exercise.

But what this also did was illustrate how ballot harvesting works. Here’s what I mean:

You will note that 15,085,458 votes were cast in this poll. Reinstate Donald Trump drew 51.8% which comes to 7,814,267 votes give or take a few hundred because this is only out to two decimal places.

But let’s assume the 7,814,267 number is correct, that would mean that 7,371,191 voted against letting Trump back in. That’s a difference of 443,076 votes.

Now Elon Musk as of this writing has 117 Million followers. If we Presume that only followers of Mr. Musk voted (which is likely not the case) that would mean that there were over 100 million twitter accounts that follow Elon Musk that didn’t bother to vote in this poll.

Now if Twitter had ballot harvesting the folks who want to keep Trump off twitter would be able to access the list of followers of Musk and then secure “permission” to use their account to cast a vote against Trump.

Suddenly viola you have all the votes you need to create the result you desire. Mail in ballots it’s even easier because you can intercept them en masse or drop them off the same way. Suddenly entire nursing homes, or residential buildings and elsewhere are generating votes for your person.

Now in theory there are some safeguards in place to make sure things like this are not done against the will or knowledge of the voter whose ballot is being harvested but if you’ve got a few election officials at polling places willing to cooperate and a friendly judge it’s amazing how many votes you can generate in Democrat strongholds.

Alas for the left they do not have these things on twitter so this election could not be fixed.