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Things appear to be rather bleak here in the United Sates after the theft of at least four senatorial seats by the Democrats in last Tuesday’s midterm elections, along with the possible theft of some House seats.  There is a very strong temptation amongst Conservatives and Libertarians to simply give up.  I have spoken to several fellow right-wingers who have stated that they have in fact given up because they believe there is no hope left for the United States.

There have been many times in this nation’s past when things have been even more dire.  What has pulled us through has always been Patriotic Americans who have a never say die attitude.  Rugged individualists who fight the good fight against unbeatable odds have accomplished miracles, no scenario is more American.

There are many things us patriots can do to fix things before all hope is lost.  It will be a long tough road. There are a great many obstacles in the way, placed there by both the Democrats and Republicans.

Most important, we need to wake people up.  Social media should have been the perfect tool to accomplish this. Rampant censorship of those who oppose the progressive agenda makes waking up those in need difficult.  Hopefully Elon Musk will turn things around on Twitter.  I’m not holding my breath.  When my lifetime ban is lifted I’ll be most surprised.

Us patriots need to work to gain more control and influence over the Republican Party.  The Republican establishment is only slightly better than the Democratic Party.  This can happen slowly, starting on the local level, and building from there.

We need to make sure the Republican Party does one of two things.  Firstly, we need to make sure the Republicans overturn all of the dirty tricks the Democrats have used to steal the presidential and midterm elections.  Unlimited mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, and massive dumps of fraudulent ballots all need to end.  Until the Republicans fix our broken electoral system, they need to learn how to be competitive in the mess we have now.

There is so much more we can do before all hope is lost. 

President Trump has announced that he is running to return to the White House. Can somebody explain to me why if so many people are positive that he is going to destroy the chances of the GOP in 2024 why so many on the left are doing all they can to prevent him from even being elegible?

or president

Amazon is laying off 10,000 just before Black Friday. Let those of you who have insisted that we’re not in a recession let that sink in.

At my own warehouse we’ve gone from Friday being mandatory to people being offered yesterday and today off. Frankly I was tempted to take today but I’ve been out sick so many days lately I figured I’d better turn up.

I’m telling you this, if this country returns Biden to the White House after this economy then we deserve everything that happens to us and more.

A lot of fuss is being made about the rockets that hit Poland this weeks. There was a rush to blame Russia until it was discovered that is was a Ukrainian rocket. Let’s remember a few things about war that our friends who never studied it and know nothing about it need to know:

  1. Accidents happen in war, from Friendly fire to malfunctioning equipment. It’s very easy to screw up when you’re working under the pressure of someone else trying to kill you.
  2. Information is a weapon in war. All sides are going to release info to try to gain the support of others. Anyone who blindly believes what a belligerent in war says is a dope and deserves to be deceived.
  3. No plan, regardless of how elegant or well conceived survives contact with the enemy and real world conditions.

Given the track record of the “experts” on this war I’m shocked anyone consults with them.

A lot of people have conveniently forgotten that just before the war started Biden talked about the Russian seizure of the eastern parts of Ukraine as a fait accompli something to be accepted and let’s not forget he was in a hurry to get Zelensky out of there before he was turned down.

The real irony however is that Putin was likely encouraged by Biden’s show of weakness and because of this the Russians bit off more than they could chew and were revealed to be the paper tiger they apparently are. If Trump had been in Putin wouldn’t have moved period and the world would still be terrified of the Russian army instead of using it as a punchline.

That’s the dictionary definition of a Homer

Finally if you have to sum up COVID and the left in a single tweet I don’t think you can do better than this:

If this was 150 years ago the lampposts of this nation would be full of “experts”