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A much younger Jen Kiggans, from Bearing Drift

Now, I get it. I’m not the center of the universe. That stopped happening when I was 4 years old. Or maybe 3, I don’t remember if I was a terrible child growing up or not. Despite that fact, I happen to live in the state of Virginia and in a competitive Congressional district, and in a time when elections are swinging back and forth, I get to see everything from the ground level.

So lets talk about the portion of the midterms the media is ignoring, and that’s the ousting of Elaine Luria by Jen Kiggans. Now, you’re probably asking, who the heck is Jen Kiggans? I’m not surprised by that question, because even if you lived in the area, you likely heard NOTHING about Jen Kiggans.

Did you know she’s a former Navy helicopter pilot? That’s she’s a Catholic mom with 4 kids? That she’s an adult geriatric nurse? I doubt it. Because over the past few months, the ONLY thing I heard about Jen Kiggans on the radio, on my Pandora feed, on TV commercials, and on YouTube commercials, was that Jen Kiggans is an election denier and hates women because she won’t kill innocent babies.

It was overwhelming. I work in an open office space, and one of my co-workers has a TV on constantly, spewing some damn MSNBC nonsense all day. Elaine Luria ads were on there constantly. I mean, every time I looked up, there was Elaine Luria, talking about how she voted against Biden, or made our Navy stronger, or stood up for the right to kill innocent babies, or…something. It was nauseating. I wanted the election to end just so I could stop hearing about Elaine Luria.

So when Jen Kiggans won, it felt like a miracle. But nobody gave her any credit. The local news said it was largely due to redistricting. Considering that Virginia’s districts were totally out of whack until this year, I’m not buying it. Jen won because she was tough, ran a good campaign and got the word out, despite a Democrat war machine that outraised and outspent her two to one.

But so far, the news is talking about DeSantis, Florida, and Trump (who is also in Florida). Virginia, which was being written off as a permanently blue state, is now slowly turning red again. Not quite as crazy as Florida, but getting there.

We should learn a few things from this. First, running solid candidates helps a lot. People don’t want the milk-toast Bush candidates anymore. Winsome Sears, Glenn Youngkin and Jen Kiggans actually stand up and hold our values. They won’t be portrayed as such by the dishonest media, but that was going to happen anyway. Having watched all three of them speak, its exciting. You actually feel good when you see them in person. You need that passion to stem the tide of constant negative media.

Second, we need to get real about raising money for candidates. I wrote about this before, but it bears repeating: if you aren’t out knocking on doors, or donating money, or doing something small for your candidate, then you just don’t care, and you deserve all the scorn in the world. You certainly get no sympathy from me. I remember all the damn annoying Obama kids that kept knocking on my door. Every day I wanted to just punch them so they would go away. But you have to hand it to them, that strategy worked. It got people pumped up and out to vote. That strategy works both ways, but we need energized people that care.

Please pray for Jen Kiggans as she attempts to deal with a broken country and a broken state. She needs all the help she can get.

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Elon Musk and Eyes on the Prize

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Curley: [stops Moe and Larry] Hey! What’s this stuff [Brighto] for anyway?

Larry: Why, it’s a cleaner, ya chump!

Curley: I know, it’s auto polish.

Moe: You boys really wanna know what it’s for?

Larry & Curly [In unison] Yeah!

Moe: It’s for sale, now get busy selling it.

The Three Stooges, Dizzy Doctors 1937

Watching Elon Musk over the last few days reminds me of the early days of Donald Trump’s first run for president in the sense that both of them absolutely know the media left having functioned from inside it and know how to play them like a fiddle.

Twitter as a platform to generate profit has only one commodity, eyeballs and buzz. If you are an advertiser your goal is to get your product in front of as many eyeballs as possible, if you are a person trying to create “buzz” you need to be able to establish yourself as a “credible” source.

Every step Elon Musk has made in the last month is designed to bring one or the other forward.

The pushing of the $8 blue checkmark got everyone talking about blue checkmarks and baited people, particularly people who hate him, to talk and tweet about them.

The ultimatum to the workers, in addition to the weeding out of the useless percentage of his workforce (his own “Golgafrinchan B ark“) not only got a bunch of people on Twitter talking about Twitter to wit:

But got people outside of Twitter, on TV and Radio talking about…Twitter.

And then yesterday came the restoration of three large accounts, the above quoted Babylon Bee (without deleting their Rachel Devine tweet) Gordon Peterson a terror to leftist thought and of course “D” list comedian Kathy Griffin and even while doing so he baited people again and many, including myself took the bait

But while restoring Trump is a no brainer, just doing so doesn’t create the required buzz, the conversation, the tweets and the eyeballs that he is selling so he follows this up with his Pièce de résistance the Trump Poll!

As of this writing (4:14 AM EST Saturday, yeah I woke up coughing again) Seven point nine MILLION people responded to this poll.

This doesn’t count multipliers from the untold number of people who have commented on it, retweeted it, wrote about it etc,

What does all this accomplish? It demonstrates to all the advertisers that the left is trying to pressure to run away from Twitter that Mr. Musk can literally deliver millions of eyeballs almost at will.

Now if you’re trying to repress a particular point of view that’s a bad thing, but if you’re trying to get the word out about a product like Brighto

…that’s just what the Doctor is willing to pay for.

Twitter may not be real life but it produces real eyeballs. Elon doesn’t give a damn if you like him, or hate him or think his buying Twitter is an act of war, he just wants you talking about, writing about and above all TWEETING about his product.

That’s the prize he has his eyes on, anything else is just gravy.

Update: A quick example of this, check out what the Times of India is tweeting about

There’s another million eyeballs half way around the world.