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Apples to Apples (and a talisman link)

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My review of the game Apples to Apples as mentioned in this post is now up at Amazon here.

I’m also including my old review of the game Talisman. This game is a real winner and I can’t recommend it enough for any fantasy gamer.

US Copied

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I presume from this story that critics of the president in Iraq are now just as repressed as critics in the US.

There is likely a lot of laughing going on because of this but then again that’s too be expected.

The fact that Gateway pundit reports that the Cairo based news channel is demanding his release saying his “freedom of speech” has been violated is making my head spin.

Roger Simon as usual gets it right.

God they must be afraid of her.

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You know you would think that winning an election would be enough for some people , apparently not:

Investigators say arson caused a fire that badly damaged the former church of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin late Friday night and into early Saturday morning.

The blaze at the Wasilla Bible Church broke out as a group of women made crafts inside. It is not yet known if the church was targeted because of Palin’s affiliation. Palin’s spokesperson, Bill McAllister, issued a statement on her behalf after she visited the church on Saturday.

“(Palin) told an assistant pastor that she apologizes if the incident is in any way connected to the undeserved negative attention the church has received since she became a vice presidential candidate on Aug. 29. Whatever the motives of the arsonist, the governor has faith in the scriptural passage that what was intended for evil will in some way be used for good.”

The Captain being his level headed self is not willing to state if this had anything to do with Mrs. Palin candidacy. In my opinion he is being very generous.

Gateway Pundit notes that the folks at Democratic Underground are in his words: “having a field day with this”.

Michelle Malkin however links to a fund raising page to help rebuild.

By their fruits shall you know them

A few more storm observations

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A few thoughts in the middle of the mess that is North Central Mass these days….

The troubles of a crook in Chicago don’t mean a lot when you can’t turn on your lights in Massachusetts.

I can’t imagine what people went through say 150 years ago when there was no communication when a storm like this hit. Then again they would have mostly cleared land and no electricity and generally had their own food supplies so it might not have been an issue in the days before the car and the telephone pole.

When you are a 16 year old kid and you are working in the only supermarket in town that has power, you are likely doing the greatest service for the general public that you will do during your teenage years.

The local Bishop gave dispensation for Catholics to skip mass this Sunday however we had it anyway and a fair amount of people turned up.

It’s kind of funny I’ve been disappointed that there have been no bites on my eBay offerings for remote tech support, but it turns out that I’m lucky because if there had been pretty bad to not be able to connect.

It is a real commentary on the state of television these days that I have not missed it in the least.

During my time when my family and another stayed at a friend’s house in Ft. Devins on Friday night we ended the evening with a game of Apples and Apples and started the morning with a game of Talisman. There is a real pleasure of 6-9 people sitting at a table together playing a game and enjoying each other company.

It very odd when you can drive 50 miles in a direction and there is absolutely no damage when your city looks like its been chewed up and spat out.

You know all those ads about firing your phone company with magic jack or the Comcast triple play sound great until you have no power to run your phone.

And I am very grateful that I decided to keep my second line as an old fashioned land line. It has been working the entire time.

And finally it is amazing what you can do without when you have no choice in the matter.