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Still thousands powerless

Posted: December 19, 2008 by datechguy in local stuff

Well last night I was over a friend’s house in Leominster and was treated to the single best game of Talisman that I’ve ever seen played. I came home to a welcome sight of power in three nearby houses that were powerless when I left and the cut off telephone phone that has been hanging by wires and broken trees replaced.

However I ran into my cousin at the bank this morning and his road is still without power as of this morning:

As of Wednesday night about 65 percent of Fitchburg residents regained power, leaving about 6,220 residents without, according to a spokeswoman from the power company. But power company officials warned that damage from the storm could prevent power despite restoration of service.

Lunenburg has it much worse:

Six days after an ice storm battered the town, many residents in Lunenburg are growing frustrated as they wait for Unitil to restore power to their homes.

“Unitil is estimating it will takes until Friday to restore power to the vast majority of residents in town,” Lunenburg Police Chief Daniel Bourgeois said.

Bourgeois said about 48 percent of the town was still without power on Wednesday.

A foot of new snow this afternoon isn’t going to help either.

How to steal an election

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Back in 2000 World Net daily had this article concerning stealing elections and the tactics of a lawyer named Tim Downs:

“The first rule is, you keep counting until you’re ahead. And if that doesn’t put you ahead, you recount, re-recount — you keep counting until you’re ahead. If you’re behind, then you’ve got nothing to lose.”

Second, Nolan said, “the more times those ballots are handled, the more chance there is that chads will break loose” and hence disqualify the ballot.

Third, he said, “the minute you’re ahead, you stop and declare yourself the victor.”

Looks like Al Franken’s people have learned the lesson well:

The AP puts Norm Coleman’s lead at two votes.

Ace doesn’t like the look of it.

No it won’t. It’s a religion

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The JammieWearingFool points out that the imminent birth of Bristol Palin’s son (due tomorrow) will be a death blow to people who are insisting that Trig Palin is Sarah Palin’s grandson rather than her son.

No it won’t.

You have to think of people who follow conspiratorial type stuff as people following a religion. Excuses will be followed by clarifications but in the end the belief will not be dropped, remember William Miller and the 2nd coming.

The only thing that will be missing is the tax-exempt status. (Believe me the collection plate WILL exist).