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A flaw in IE. Who woulda thunk it?

Posted: December 16, 2008 by datechguy in tech

You know the only thing that really surprises me after all these years is that every now and again I’m surprised by Microsoft security holes:

Users of all current versions of Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer browser might be vulnerable to having their computers hijacked because of a serious security hole in the software that had yet to be fixed Monday.

The flaw lets criminals commandeer victims’ machines merely by tricking them into visiting Web sites tainted with malicious programming code. As many as 10,000 sites have been compromised since last week to exploit the browser flaw, according to antivirus software maker Trend Micro Inc.

I thought the yahoo page on my sister-in-law’s infected PC had a Chinese flavor to it. Guess I was right. This is what firefox is for.

And if you don’t have a secondary browser on your system. Get one, I don’t care which.

Move along nothing to see here

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Well I guess that settles that.

President-elect Barack Obama said Monday a review by his own lawyer shows he had no direct contact with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich about the appointment of a Senate replacement, and transition aides did nothing inappropriate.

What no special prosecutor no senate hearings, no house grilling of witnesses?

The president-elect pledged the results of the investigation by his incoming White House counsel, Gregory Craig, would be released “in due course.”

He said the probe was complete and thorough, but did not say which of his aides Craig interviewed, whether any of them was under oath at the time, or any other details.

Oh that explains it after all its been what, maybe two whole weeks. How much more thorough do you want?

Update: Gateway pundit plays where’s Rahmo?

Time lords and continuity

Posted: December 16, 2008 by datechguy in doctor who

If you are following my advice and reading the 10 doctors you might find a continuity problem with page 5 and Time Crash.

You have to remember that there are different spots in the time line here. The events of Time Crash have already happened to the 5th doctor so he recognizes his future self, while Time crash is at least one year in the 10th doctors timeline.

What you’ve never heard of Time Crash? That is because it was a special broadcast for the annual Children in Need event in England. It was only broadcast once.

To my knowledge it is not available on DVD and I’ve never seen it broadcast on the US. If you watch it I suggest sending the charity a five spot since that it what it was for.

A great chance to catch up on the Ten Doctors

Posted: December 16, 2008 by datechguy in doctor who

After posting new pages for 43 out of 45 days Rich of Rich’s Comic Blog is taking a well deserved rest from his blog. His Ten doctors will return after the first of the year.

This is a great chance to start from the begining and catch the whole thing from the start. The title page is here and the first strip is here.

And don’t forget to check out his other quality strips.

And FYI in terms of continuity this adventure takes place between the episodes The Runaway Bride and Smith and Jones.