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The Ice storm commith power down those PC’s

Posted: December 12, 2008 by datechguy in tech, Uncategorized

That nasty Ice storm that was supposed to hit us earlier today finally has gotten here, power just flickered on and off in the house.

Depending on if it goes off again and stays off blogging may be spotty for the next 24 hours, but we’ll see.

BTW If you have a PC that you normally leave on and you are in the same boat as me it would be a good idea to power it down and/or disconnect it from a plug. Electrical issues along with heat and teenagers/relatives are the top killers of PC’s.

“But tech guy” you say “I have a surge protector and/or an uninterruptable power supply connected to my PC.” Let me put it this way. It takes a few minutes to shut down the machine and disconnect stuff. If either the surge or the backup power supply fails what would you rather do: spend a few minutes re-connecting devices or putting in a claim on the guarantee provided by the makers of those things?

Red Dawn

Posted: December 12, 2008 by datechguy in amazon reviews, doctor who

My review of the Big Finish Doctor Who Audio adventure #8 Red Dawn is now available at Amazon here.