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Do you remember this story from a few months ago?

Jonathan Crutchley, the chairman of the board of popular gay dating site, has been forced to resign after it was revealed he made a $2,300 (£1,235) donation to the campaign of presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain.

In response to concerns that the website might be perceived as supporting John McCain, executives at Manhunt asked Mr Crutchley to step down and then went public with their request to eliminate any doubts about such support.

Well now that the Gay community is in an uproar over Rick Warren giving the invocation does that mean that Crutchley was right after all?

Maybe he should protest the rest of the gay movement and they can all resign instead. If this keeps up my Irony meter will soon explode

Update: Don Surber notes an interesting choice. Is it to calm the masses?

And from Allahpundit: Obama cries diversity!

My review of the new 4th edition update pack for the Game Talisman is now up at Amazon here.

It seems Amazon doesn’t list the item as released yet. The link above is to a sub-retailer who offers the game through amazon. The amazon pre-order page is here if you want to pay a bit less but don’t mind waiting.

One other important note, this expansion if only needed if you purchased the games workshop version linked above, if you purchased the new Talisman FFG branded one then the expansion isn’t necessary.


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Well managed to avoid the internet the entire morning running errands and cleaning house, posting will be more active this evening.

It’s amazing how much you can get done around the house when the laptop is shut off.