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This should be interesting

Posted: December 30, 2008 by datechguy in catholic

The Curt Jester reports that the Raving Atheist has changed the name of his blog to the Raving Theist and this post contains the following announcement:

Three years ago, I promoted and appeared in the atheist documentary “The God Who Wasn’t There,” dedicated to the proposition that Jesus never existed.


The rest of the post is the creed which suggests he has become a Catholic. Good for him! The comments however are full of rather abusive and insulting comments from other Athiests.

Presuming this isn’t a Christmas joke it will be very interesting to see if he explains the conversion in detail. The Jester has some experience in this matter so his blog will be a good thing to check out over the next few days as this goes on.

If you are a Christian in general or a Catholic in particular I suggest praying for him as there are some tough times ahead. If you are a disappointed atheist will I guess you just have to deal with it and hope for the best.

Giving thanks

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No matter how tough things are there is nothing that can make a man smile faster than my wife’s red sauce.

It is awesome! Not as awesome as her but its up there.

Monty Python Fluxx Amazon Review

Posted: December 30, 2008 by datechguy in amazon reviews, gaming

My review of the game Monty Python Fluxx is now available on Amazon here.

We played it last night with a group that Fluxx-uated between 4 and 8. It was great you’ll love it.

Well it is the virus season

Posted: December 30, 2008 by datechguy in tech

Well it looks like some people who purchased digital frames on Amazon got more than they bargained for: Inc. last week warned customers running Windows XP that a Samsung digital photo frame it sold through earlier this month might have come with malware on the driver installation CD.

An customer posted the warning a week ago to the online retailer’s user forum. It its note to customers, noted that a Samsung advisory had been issued for the SPF-85H, an 8-in. digital photo frame that Amazon sold for approximately $150 starting in October.

The Samsung SPF-85H is no longer available on

Anything that can store data can store a virus, make sure that when you do a virus sweep you include ANY cards and or external locations that a virus might be hosted to. In fact if you are thinking of doing a major backup it would be a good idea to consider a virus scan first so you don’t back up an infection.

Via guess who. Seriously I’ve never seen a guy manage to get so many thing posted online while still having a life, which he does. How does Glenn Reynolds do it?

UPDATE: Ann Althouse asks a similar question and Glenn Answers it.