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As an apparently Jihad friendly YouTube bows to the whims of those who support Rocket Attacks to Kill Jews the IDF’s Videos have gone elsewhere. Powerline decided to host the videos for a start even offering the code to embed them to others.

It didn’t take long for the Pro Hamas types to respond:

Talk about disproportionate response. Just an hour or so after Power Line posted a series of videos from the Israeli Defense Forces–videos that, as Scott discovered, YouTube had pulled–we experienced a Denial-of-Service attack from a cabal of a half-dozen servers in the U.S. The attack sought to make Power Line and the videos we are hosting inaccessible by overloading our server. Our data center promptly registered the attack, and then defeated it by placing Power Line behind an advanced computer called a Cisco Guard.

I think the fear here is not so much that the world will see the Hamas guys loading rockets or the precision of the attacks, I think the fear is that the Hamas guys will see how they can be targeted without being noticed.

Doctor Who The Raincloud Man: Review

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My review of the Big Finish production #116 Doctor Who: The Raincloud Man is now available at here.

Oddly another review I wrote many hours earlier today hasn’t been posted yet but this one went right up.

This will be the last 6th doctor adventure for several months at Big Finish as the 3 part Key to Time series featuring the 5th doctor and two other adventures featuring the 7th doctor are scheduled next.

This is also the last item in my subscription to the Big Finish audios as I’m not in a position to renew right now, so I guess its back to eBay for now.

The Nelson was made for this guy

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You know most of the time I just reference the Nelson since it can get repetitive.

But this idiot is so bad it deserves the actual clip:

People who say this stuff deserved to be laughed at publicly whenever possible. Via HotAir, and boy does this story fit the name.

Update: There are a slew of candidates today.

Don’t take my word for it.

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Well Hamas is doing its level best to maximize civilian casualties among their own people to boost the body count as a propaganda tool.

What? You don’t believe me? Well lets quote their own spokesman:

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades said that If Israeli soldiers enter Gaza, “your children will collect your soldiers’ corpses.”

“Hamas and Al-Qassam are in every house. They will attack you from under the debris. If you believe shelling homes will make us retreat, you will learn that your plans are wrong, and we will surprise you,” Hamas spokesperson Abu Ubayda said in a televised speech.

That sounds like hiding among civilians to me.

Under the rules of war a “protected building” such as a church or hospital loses its protected statue when you take fire from it. These guys care as much for their own people as the rest of the Arab world does.

via Israellycool which if you read this blog you should have already bookmarked by now.