Just what we need more Rockets at Israel

Posted: September 12, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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There is a lot going on so this might not be big news but it’s news:

At least two rockets were launched from Lebanon into northern Israel today, and Israeli forces returned fire across the border, an Israeli Army spokesman said, speaking anonymously according to regulation.

Well the first place to look when something like this is Israellycool, but since it happened just before the Sabbath and he is an observant Jew, there is very little there, same with The Muqata.

But the Elder of Ziyon has something to say:

Perhaps if Israel would just withdraw from occupied Lebanese territories, these sorts of incidents would stop. Hezbollah wouldn’t have any incentive any more to attack Israelis.

Oh, sorry…Israel already withdrew some nine years ago.

We will see if this is just a couple of shots or if the idea is to get things going while America is distracted.

Update: Yourish notices a familiar pattern of knowledge and inaction by the UN.

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