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…it is Curt Schilling.

This Yankee fan would support him. This would be a political earthquake and I think he could actually win in Massachusetts, especially considering the motley crew sure to run for Ted’s seat.

I would not want to be the democrat running against him.

Update: Hotair’s Green Room picks up the story.

Again Mika is shocked SHOCKED.

Again she wasn’t shocked SHOCKED by Kennedy.

Irony overload

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Rush Limbaugh often says that actions don’t matter for liberals, it is intent that matters.

If you don’t believe that statement read these back to back.

You know when Joe Scarborough said his line about Ted Kennedy not abusing his staffers being odd. I thought it was shocking about what it said concerning Congress. Little did I know that the shocking thing was his ignorance about the past.

BTW I saw this the day Ted Kennedy died and wrote it that day, but I scheduled the post for a week later out of respect for the dead.

…asks Mika on Morning Joe concerning Charlie Rangel?

I think she is smart enough to know the answer, he has a “D” next to his name, he is a personable fellow and a combat vet from Korea. He is a longstanding powerful black congressman.

All of these things preclude scrutiny from the MSN.

After all it precluded scrutiny concerning others.