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…when you have another two people killed 5 minutes from your house.

The wild scene unfolded around 4:30 a.m. outside an address on Mechanic Street where a resident said a loud party had been going on Saturday night.

The district attorney’s office identified the dead as Nelson Geraldino, 18, from stab wounds, and Pedro Genoa, 17, whose wounds included a gunshot to his abdomen. Both were from Fitchburg.

You know for all the criticism of tough old fashioned parenting you hear in the popular press, I note that it doesn’t seem to lead to teens being at parties after midnight let alone 4 a.m. The more stories like this I read, the happier I am with the decision to be Catholic parents to our kids and not buddies.

Arrests have already taken place:

Brothers, Orville Carrion, 22, and Jose Carrion, 27, both of 96 Mechanic St., Apartment #3 have been arrested and charged with murder. Mr. Genoa’s brother, Ronny Genoa, 18, of 137 Meadow Brook Lane was arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder and mayhem. The Carrions were booked at the Fitchburg Police Station and are being held without bail. Carrions were treated for injuries at the Leominster hospital and released. The Carrions will be arraigned Tuesday in Fitchburg District Court. Ronny Genoa was admitted to UMass Medical Center with multiple gunshot wounds. He is under guard and also is held without bail.

Off the top of my head that’s 4 murders in town this year including one that took place under 150 yards from my home. Fitchburg has only 39,000 people I’m 46 years old and when I was younger this was almost unheard of.

The timing is ironic considering this story in the paper today: FSC students encouraged to spend time in city’s center.

Residents and business owners have met recently to discuss what to do about downtown problems, such as loitering, drug dealing and prostitution.

Antonucci said one of the best ways to address those problems is to get people, including college students, into the downtown businesses.

That’s what I call bad timing, and speaking of irony from that story again:

But, she said, the Upper Common can have issues with a lack of parking.

“If you can find parking, it’s a great place to walk around,” Wong said.

And if you can’t you’d better duck:

Fitchburg Police responded to multiple 911 calls at about 4:43 a.m. with a reports of gunshots fired near 96 Mechanic St. Police found three victims on the ground with serious injuries and a fourth suffering from serious head and arm wounds. Police report that a disagreement arose about parking arrangements

You know too bad we don’t have those really tough gun laws in Massachusetts to keep stuff like this from happening.

Puts all that Van Jones stuff into perspective doesn’t it?

Leave it to the Recusive Leftist…

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…to state the biggest single truth of all the Levi Johnson nonsense:

Did Bristol Palin dodge a bullet or what?

I guess the rest of the left picked him up on the rebound.

Jones Jones, never heard of him

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The larger scandal of the Van Jones business is now really coming to the front.

Now that Jones’ resignation is a fait acompli the media can’t ignore it, but neither can they bother to report what Jones actually said without displaying their own complicity in silence and inaction.

So the meme begins. The internet is a sewer, he said something mean about republicans, a victory for republicans, poor vetting, a vicious smear, controversy over past statements, past activism.

No suggestion of the actual story.

I submit the media/left know of other administration crazy uncles whose views mimic Mr. Jones’. They either support those views or so dislike their opponents (the anti-anti’s) that they are willing to do whatever they can to protect them, even at the cost of their own integrity.

b066_game_bigMy review of the Big Finish audio #66 The Game staring Peter Davidson and Sarah Sutton as the 5th Doctor and Nyssa is available at here.

The episode is significant by the appearance of William Russell in the role of Lord Carlisle. As fans of the series know he was part of the original cast playing Ian Chesterton.

This was one of the audios I got from Trevor9661 that I mentioned before. One of them Winter for the Adept I reviewed at Amazon long ago (I had the cassette version) An alternate review is here. It turns out this one was autographed by Russell another reason for kudos for Trevor. I’ve listened to one of the other two and will be reviewing it later this week and hope to finish with the final cd by the end of the day on the 6th.